• Screenshot of an online meeting with 13 participants.

    Successful TYPO3 Accessibility Sprint

    Categories: Development, Community, TYPO3 CMS
    Created by Elisabeth Zeilinger
    The first remote accessibility sprint took place from 21st to 23rd of October 2020 and it was successful indeed. During these three productive days we focused on knowledge sharing, addressing open issues, and creating a practical checklist for developers. An accessible TYPO3 improves the experience of every user of TYPO3
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  • "Everyone is Welcome" painted on a wall.

    Community Ombudsperson—What Are Your Thoughts?

    Categories: Community, Association
    Created by Thomas Löffler
    Just before the Developer Days 2019, a small group was formed to look into setting up a formal body to ensure the wellbeing of everyone in the community—so-called ombudspersons. Now, we’re asking for your input.
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  • Bringing Rector to TYPO3 for Automated Upgrades

    Categories: Development, Community
    Created by Michiel Roos
    Keeping up with changes is challenging at the best of times. There are some good tools to help keep track of changes, but they still require tedious manual labor. What if you had a tool that would not only keep you but also your codebase up to date? That’s where Rector comes in! There are 69 fixed rules so far, and you can help us add more.
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  • Server Team Status Report—November 2020

    Categories: Community
    Created by Andri Steiner
    After one meeting in person early this year, all our subsequent sprints were forced into remote calls due to the ongoing pandemic. Nevertheless, we’ve used the sprint dates we had already agreed upon to tackle our duties from home.
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  • TYPO3 Sponsors BabesGotBytes in South Africa

    Categories: Community, Association, Education & Certification
    Created by Luisa Faßbender
    Meet BabesGotBytes, an organization based in South Africa that provides tech education to young girls in rural townships. TYPO3 Association is sponsoring its mission with hardware and financial aid.
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  • The TYPO3 Guidebook is Available for Pre-Order

    Categories: Community, Association, TYPO3 CMS, Education & Certification
    Created by Felicity Brand
    We’re delighted to announce this book is now available for pre-order. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go directly back into The TYPO3 Association.
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  • Marketing Sprint—A vision for 2021

    Categories: Community, Marketing
    Created by heather mcnamee
    In our most recent marketing sprint, we opened up the discussion to think more broadly about what we want to achieve with the marketing team, what is in scope, and what the roadmap for 2021 will look like.
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  • Yellow tennis ball hovering over orange sand.

    Selling TYPO3—What Salespeople Told Us

    Categories: Community, Marketing
    Created by heather mcnamee
    Here’s what sixteen salespeople told us about selling TYPO3, and what we’re doing to make their jobs easier so TYPO3 stays competitive. The results of this survey validate work already underway to improve the editor experience and communications.
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  • Orange scaffolding on building.

    TYPO3 Market Insights With T3versions.com

    Categories: Community, Association, TYPO3 CMS, Marketing
    Created by Ronald Meeuwissen and Torben Hansen
    T3versions.com is a free online service that uses various fingerprinting technologies to identify whether a website is running TYPO3 and, if so, which major version it’s using. We collect data by performing mass scans of domain lists and by compiling user inputs to our website.
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  • TYPO3 v10 Certification Syllabuses

    Categories: Community, Education & Certification
    Created by Michael Schams
    Exciting news from the TYPO3 Education Committee: the updated syllabuses for all four TYPO3 certifications are out now. Integrators, developers, consultants, and editors can now use these documents to prepare for the upcoming TYPO3 v10 exams, which will become effective in 2021.
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