• Boxes showing five TYPO3 membership types and basic information about them.

    Manage Your TYPO3 Association Membership in My TYPO3

    Categories: Association
    Created by Marco Tiel
    My TYPO3, the central gateway for communication, education, products, services, and interaction within the TYPO3 Community, has a new feature. You can now subscribe easily to a TYPO3 Association Membership, cancel it, and even transfer it from a personal profile to an organization profile.
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  • An Open Discussion on the TYPO3 Association Budget Ideas for 2021

    Categories: Community, Association
    Created by Rachel Foucard
    As you may already know, the Board launched a process to generate ideas for the 2021 Budget. We have received so many great ideas that we’d like you to help us select from them.
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  • "Everyone is Welcome" painted on a wall.

    Community Ombudsperson—What Are Your Thoughts?

    Categories: Community, Association
    Created by Thomas Löffler
    Just before the Developer Days 2019, a small group was formed to look into setting up a formal body to ensure the wellbeing of everyone in the community—so-called ombudspersons. Now, we’re asking for your input.
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  • TYPO3 Sponsors BabesGotBytes in South Africa

    Categories: Community, Association, Education & Certification
    Created by Luisa Faßbender
    Meet BabesGotBytes, an organization based in South Africa that provides tech education to young girls in rural townships. TYPO3 Association is sponsoring its mission with hardware and financial aid.
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  • Screenshot of an online meeting with seven members

    Board Report—September 2020

    Categories: Association
    Created by Mathias Bolt Lesniak
    The TYPO3 Association met online on the 21–22 September for this year’s third virtual retreat. The entire board was present and worked together to review the year and look ahead to 2021.
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  • Woman which is brainstorming an idea

    Call for Applications—Association Budget 2021

    Categories: Association
    Created by Rachel Foucard
    The Board is asking our community for budget ideas for 2021. For the coming year we would like to focus our budget on the topics accessibility and user experience in our “Innovation, Events and Education Pool”. We reserved €310,000 for this pool. Due to the success of our TYPO3 Company we are also able to increase the Core Development Budget from €350,000 to €500,000 in 2021!
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  • The TYPO3 Guidebook is Available for Pre-Order

    Categories: Community, Association, TYPO3 CMS, Education & Certification
    Created by Felicity Brand
    We’re delighted to announce this book is now available for pre-order. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go directly back into The TYPO3 Association.
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  • Orange scaffolding on building.

    TYPO3 Market Insights With T3versions.com

    Categories: Community, Association, TYPO3 CMS, Marketing
    Created by Ronald Meeuwissen and Torben Hansen
    T3versions.com is a free online service that uses various fingerprinting technologies to identify whether a website is running TYPO3 and, if so, which major version it’s using. We collect data by performing mass scans of domain lists and by compiling user inputs to our website.
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  • Trees with yellow and red autumn leaves seen from inside a cave.

    TYPO3 Guidebook Update September 2020

    Categories: Association, TYPO3 CMS
    Created by heather mcnamee
    In this article we explain the philosophy behind the hands-on guides in the TYPO3 Guidebook and along with an exciting progress update.
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  • Group of people standing outside, looking at the camera.

    TYPO3 in Every Country: The TYPO3 Mentorship Program

    Categories: Community, Association, TYPO3 CMS
    Created by Daniel Homorodean
    A learning opportunity for the global web development community is about to start. The first six TYPO3 students come from countries in Latin America and Africa.
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