• TYPO3 12.4.16 and 11.5.38 maintenance releases published

    Categories: Development, TYPO3 CMS
    Created by Oliver Hader
    The versions 12.4.16 and 11.5.38 of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System have just been released.
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  • Screenshot of a video call with seven participants.

    Recap of the Best Practices Team Remote Code Sprint on 7 May 2024

    Categories: Event Report, Community
    Created by Daniel Siepmann
    A comprehensive report on the latest efforts from the TYPO3 Best Practices team.
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  • Poster with nine faces with names below, advertising the AFUP Day Poitiers

    TYPO3 Visits AFUP Day 2024 in Poitiers

    Categories: Event Report, Community
    Created by Rachel Foucard
    This year, the TYPO3 France committee is looking to increase its contacts with the French PHP community by taking part in forums, meetups and other events. With this in mind, we decided to pay a visit to our friends, the PHP developers at AFUP Day 2024, in Poitiers.
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  • Budget 2024 Ideas for Quarter 3/2024 Published — Vote Now!

    Categories: Development, Community, Association
    Created by Edward Lenssen
    The call for community budget ideas for the third quarter of 2024 was successful: 9 of 9 ideas have made it to the poll. The ideas can now be discussed and TYPO3 Association members can cast their vote.
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  • Illustration of people working at and standing around desks in conversation.

    Introducing the TYPO3 Stats Initiative: A New Chapter in Data-Driven Development

    Categories: Community, TYPO3 CMS
    Created by Florian Froidevaux
    The TYPO3 community is renowned for its vibrant and innovative spirit, and we’re always on the lookout for ways to enhance user experience and system functionality. In this pursuit, we're excited to announce the launch of the TYPO3 Stats Initiative, a fresh endeavor focused on harnessing the power of data to refine our beloved CMS.
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  • Brick houses surrounding an open square. One entrance says "Chalmers" in all uppercase letters.

    Being TYPO3 at foss-north

    Categories: Event Report
    Created by Mathias Bolt Lesniak
    On my way to the TYPO3 General Assembly, I attended foss-north, a two-day free and open source (FOSS) conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is organized in collaboration with the Free Software Foundation Europe, and provides an opportunity for Nordic FOSS communities to talk about hardware and software from a technical perspective.
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  • Status Update on the Asynchronous Image Rendering Initiative for TYPO3

    Categories: Development, Community, TYPO3 CMS
    Created by Łukasz Uznański
    Łukasz Uznański describes the newly implemented solution designed to improve page load times and SEO performance.
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  • Ice cream cone lying on its side with ice cream spilling out of it.

    Improve TYPO3 Error Log — Q2 Budget Idea Report

    Categories: TYPO3 CMS, Development, Association
    Created by Rostyslav Matviiv
    Error management in TYPO3 can often be cumbersome and lacks user-friendliness. In this report, Rostyslav Matviiv describes work undertaken to improve the TYPO3 error log from his Q2 2024 budget idea.
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  • My First TYPO3 General Assembly

    Categories: Event Report, Community, Association
    Created by Kendall Litton
    Kendall Litton, Communications Manager at TYPO3 GmbH, reports on her first experience at the TYPO3 General Assembly in Zürich, highlighting membership growth, economic updates, and the importance of community engagement.
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  • TYPO3 13.1.1, 12.4.15 and 11.5.37 security releases published

    Categories: Development, TYPO3 CMS
    Created by Oliver Hader
    The versions 13.1.1, 12.4.15 and 11.5.37 of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System have just been released.
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