Create a reimbursement

To use the tool, you need to own a user account.

Step by Step

Login at with your user account.

1. Create a new reimbursement

Press the button "request reimbursement"

2. Choose budget and purpose

Select a budget and purpose to proceed to the next step.

  • Budget: Evey reimbursement must be linked to a budget. Please select the coresponding budget.
  • Purpose: Each budget can have variours purposes. You need to select the purpose, which fits for your reimburse. If have any doubt, you should contact the budget owner
  • Short Description: Please provide a short description, which describes the purpose of your receipts / expenses
  • Payment Method: Select a payment method. Please note that a payment method needs to be set up in the before hand.
  • Adress: Select one your adresses. They are managed via your personal profil at
  • Terms and conditions: You need to accept terms and conditions, especially the travel regulations

To proceed click save and continue. You reimburse will be created in a "draft" state and you can add expenses in the next step. 

3. Add receipts or driven kilometers

Now your reimbursement is created in a "draft" state and you can add expenses. You can still edit the meta data of your reimbursement by using the "edit" button.


  • Add receipt: Hand in any receipt, which is applicable for reimbursement. You need a scan of an invoice or any other official receipt.
  • Add driven kilometers: If you travel by car, you can get your travel reimbursed (please take care of the limits in the travel regualation)
  • Edit: Edit the meta data of your reimbursement
  • Delete: Delete your reimbursement (!!! can not be undone) 

Step 4: Add receipts

Please add your expense with a receipt.

  • Expense description
  • Currency of this reimbursement (the currency of your receipts)
  • Total expense on receipt: Type in the full amount ( without . or ,) including two digits. For example: €100,00 would be 10000 — the formating is done automatically.
  • Upload receipt (PNF, PNG or JPG)
  • Date of expense: Format is day-month-year, example 29-06-2021

If you reimburse as a company (from outside Switzerland) do not include the tax!

Details on the requirements for invoices and receipts can be found in the Travel Expense and Reimbursement Regulations.

4a. Add expense for driven kilometers

If you really need to go by car, you can reimburse driven kilometers (check the limits in the Travel Expense and Reimbursement Regulations)

  • Expense description: Please provide the destionations (start - end)
  • Kilometers
  • Date of expense: format day-month-year - example 29-06-2021

5. Hand in your reimbursment

Once you added receipts or driven kilometers to your reimbursement, you can finalize the reimbursement and use the option "SEND TO BUDGET OWNER". You this option to finalize your reimbursement.

Once you send the reimbursement to the budget owner, no further changes are possible!