TYPO3 Neos Alpha 5 released

August 07, 2013

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Author: Aske Ertmann

We are happy to announce that TYPO3 Neos Alpha 5 has been released. The release comes about a month after the previous release, in accordance with our plan to release more often. The release contains lots of minor improvements and only a few breaking changes.

With this release, we are getting even closer to feature completion for TYPO3 Neos 1.0. Related to that we have recently had a planning meeting in the Team where we went over the missing things for the final release. This included getting some additional work packages funded and assigning people responsible.

This release fixes some of the issues that were experienced with the previous release and we'd like to thank for all the feedback we've gotten since. Additionally we have now improved our composer structuring so it's now possible to update an existing installation to a specific version.

Download the release of TYPO3 Neos Alpha 5 »

Here's a short overview of what's new:

  • Validation of inspector fields
  • Publishing state
  • Access restriction for specific modules
  • Improved Visual Design
  • Fixed some of the issues experienced with last release
  • Many Consistency and Stability Improvement
  • Content Repository Improvements

You will find more details about this release in the Release Notes, which also contain upgrade instructions and an overview of breaking changes.

Enjoy the release,
the TYPO3 Neos Team.

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