Google Summer of Code Accepted Projects

April 22, 2009

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Author: Ingo Renner

TYPO3 at Google Summer of Code 2009

We are excited to announce that four students have been accepted to work on TYPO3 projects through out the summer. Here are the accepted students, their projects and their assigned mentors:

Ingmar Schlecht:
Code Kickstarter for TYPO3 4.3 Extbase
Mentored by Jochen Rau

Andriy Kushnarov:
Collaborative Translation System
Mentored by Ingo Renner

Andreas Förthner:
Improving the FLOW3 Security Framework
Mentored by Robert Lemke

Tom Ilsinski:
Versioning for the TYPO3 Content Repository
Mentored by Karsten Dambekalns

As Ingmar and Andreas are already known to the TYPO3 community we are even more excited to welcome Andriy and Tom to be part of the TYPO3 community!

All in all we received 48 project proposals which we think is quite good for the first time we participate in Google Summer of Code.

We would have liked to accept more projects and thus we welcome any student who didn't make it in to the top four spots to still work with us during the summer. We will then try to still match you with appropriate mentors from our side. In case you're interested, please get in contact with us! Please consider though that we'd like to do that in the same timeframe as the regular Google Summer of Code projects, thus please contact us soon when considering working with us.

For students who would like to get feedback on their rejected proposals or who would still like to work with us, please contact Ingo.

Congratulations to all accepted students and thanks to the mentors, anyone who helped with the application for Google Summer of Code, and of course to Google and their Open Source Programs Office!

In the style of our just finished T3CON09-Dallas: Howdy y'all!

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