Codesprint Vienna

January 16, 2016

Category: Development
Author: Anja Leichsenring

plan2net - the place to be

The first core codesprint in 2016, hosted by plan2net, 14. - 17. of january.


  • Reinhard Führicht
  • Wolfgang Klinger
  • Ludwig Rafelsberger
  • Martin Kutschker
  • Bernhard Kraft
  • Markus Klein
  • Georg Ringer
  • Morton Jonuschat
  • Anja Leichsenring



plan2.net in Vienna is the friendly hoster for this sprint, and we are very well taken care of by Sabina Loicht. Thank you very much for this great experience, the wonderful room, the great food and the outstanding entertainment. We loved to be your guests and will come back happily.

Cite Sabina: “I really love the laughter of nerding nerds 1 floor below”.

Yes, we had fun.

Topic and Achievements

We concentrated on improvements for the import/export feature of the core. This tool is considered critical for upgrade activities and therefore needs some love. Especially the transfer from lower to higher TYPO3 versions doesn’t work very well at the moment, when it comes to FAL inclusion.

Additionally, the frontend and usability of this tool have not been touched since a very long time and deserved some attention as well.

So we decided first to switch the HTML generation to Fluid, without changing any look and feel in the first place. This opens the door to further improvements. Reinhard and Wolfgang took this task and finished it pretty soon.

The class structure is unfortunate in architectural sense, so some refactoring was needed. Masi was the one splitting the very big I-do-it-all-class ImportExport.php into smaller parts with dedicated responsibilities.

With this done, we were able to fix some known bugs and further improve the handling and functionality of import and export.

Ludwig implemented a central improvement to deal with hidden records during export. They can now be included or excluded all at once.

Bernhard took over the task of missing storage handling during import and other FAL related issues. A better user experience with error messages and cleaner support of how to get a more complete import are part of this work.

Of course we took part in the casual review process as well, so many reviews could be processed during those four days. We even made a new record of merged patches on friday.

  all pictures have been taken by Markus Klein. Copyright is on him, he allowed to use the photos for this article.

Masi (Martin Kutschker) & the helping TYPO3 mice
Bernhard Kraft in deep concentration
Georg Ringer, Masi and Wolfgang Klinger
plenty of food available
nice location, good work
Reinhard Führicht behind flowers
Sabina and Masi during evening socializing
even chocolate cake was there!
Georg and Morton discussing
Ludwig relies on mouse support, too
another dinner, highly deserved after merge record

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