Announcing Selected Budget Ideas for 2018

December 30, 2017

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Author: EAB

The EAB has made a strategic selection of 9 topics to pursue from a pool of 17 submitted budget ideas.

Member Poll

TYPO3 Association members were asked to rate submitted budget ideas for the “Innovation, Education and Events” pool at the yearly budget poll. The results of the poll have been summarized in a slide deck.

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Budget Idea Selection

The EAB met end of November at the 3rd QSA 2017 to review the results of the poll and make a selection of submitted budget ideas aligned with the strategic priorities of the TYPO3 Association for 2018 which are “to create confidence in our products” and “to increase market share”.

The following budget ideas were selected:

Online Certification Platform (€60,000)

Original Title: Online Certification Platform
Submitted by: Marc Willmann
Amount requested: €50,000-€70,000
Idea Description: The TYPO3 certification infrastructure is both complicated and expensive. A new online certification platform will solve several problems we currently have in the TYPO3 ecosystem.
EAB comment and requirements for budget application: We see the need for a better certification platform and process. The aim must be to build this platform up as soon as possible and to improve the certification process to increase the trust in the certification program. The platform must be self-sustainable after 2018.

EduComm (€60,000)

Original Title: EduComm Task Force Sprints and EduComm Certification Sprint
Submitted by: Marc Willmann
Amount requested: €25,000-€50,000 / €10,000-€25,000
Idea Description: Several sprints of the Education Committee Task Forces (e.g. Trainer Network, Curriculum, Learning Units, Mentorship program and more). / Ensure that all TCC* certifications are up-to-date with the current LTS version.
EAB comment and requirements for budget application: This is a combination of the budget ideas “EduComm Task Force Sprints” and “EduComm Certification Sprints”. This budget ensures that the education committee can continue their initiatives. A longer term plan shall be presented with the budget application detailing current and future certification programs, initiatives and efforts.

T3 Marketplace (€60,000)

Original Title: T3 Marketplace
Submitted by: Adrian Zimmermann
Amount requested: other
Idea Description: The T3 Marketplace will empower the whole TYPO3 Community with its easy and fast exchange of extensions and services, over a shop-platform.
EAB comment and requirements for budget application: We had a debate whether it would be useful or not to fund a community initiative when the TYPO3 GmbH has a similar project in their business plan. We decided we would give this budget a chance if the marketplace can be completed faster and if through the community involvement the project would receive a broader base. TYPO3 GmbH and budget applicants must present a joint concept.

Documentation Maintenance and Improvement (€30,000)

Original Title: Documentation Maintenance and Improvement
Submitted by: Martin Bless
Amount requested: €10,000-€25,000
Idea Description: Implementing "The Documentation Server" is half way done. Needs to be completed. A restart of a Documentation Team is necessary to have more people knowing how everything works.
EAB comment and requirements for budget application: The EAB wants to support the finalization of the documentation server. The EAB sees this initiative as a catalyst for other documentation initiatives e.g. the “Official Extbase Documentation”. An ideal scenario would be for other documentation projects to join and back this project - including the TYPO3 core team.

Strategic Agency Trainings (€30,000)

Original Title: TYPO3 Sales Training Pilot
Submitted by: Dominik Stankowski
Amount requested: €25,000-€50,000
Idea Description: The aim is to organize a TYPO3 Sales Training Pilot to increase sales skills of TYPO3 agencies. The training will help TYPO3 agencies understand how to better pitch TYPO3 and to think more strategically about how to position TYPO3 in their target markets.
EAB comment and requirements for budget application: The EAB (excluding Dominik) felt that a more diverse range of trainings than only Sales trainings could be made available to agencies, thinking from starter packages for agencies who want to adopt TYPO3 to supporting long-term T3A members. The EAB’s condition for this budget is that the applicant shares the broader view and develops a concept for professional agency trainings with partners.

EventComm (€2,500)

Original Title: TYPO3 Event Center
Submitted by: Dominik Stankowski
Amount requested: €25,000-€50,000
Idea Description: The Event Center is an all inclusive service to organize, invite and to execute. The goal is to reduce time and effort for community members to organize TYPO3 Community events, such as conferences, Developer Days, release parties, T3A meetings, code sprints, marketing events, barcamps, Meet TYPO3 events.
EAB comment and requirements for budget application: The EAB (excluding Dominik) felt that starting such a service is too early and that a first step into the direction of better event management would not be an event service but an event committee. The event committee should be formed in 2018 and may provide a more in-depth concept of event-related needs for the next budget round.

TYPO3 goes Africa (€2,500)

Original Title: TYPO3 goes Africa
Submitted by: Olivier Dobberkau
Amount requested: below €5,000
Idea Description: I would like to visit a CMS conference in Africa and take 2 Community Members with me. We could present TYPO3 there and build a bridge to the growing community of african cms and digital practitioners.
EAB comment and requirements for budget application: While not directly linked to the main 2 priorities of the year, the EAB found it worthwhile to support at least one “social” budget idea in line with the other strategic objectives of the TYPO3 Association.

T3DD18 (€0)

Original Title: T3DD18
Submitted by: Andrea Herzog-Kienast
Amount requested: below €5,000
Idea Description: not provided
EAB comment and requirements for budget application: The EAB supports the TYPO3 Developer Days 2018 with a budget position but requires for the event to be cost-neutral.

CertiFUNcation 2018 (€0)

Original Title: CertiFUNcation 2018
Submitted by: Marc Willmann
Amount requested: €50,000-€75,000
Idea Description: The CertiFUNcation events were great successes the last years and so the CertiFUNcation 2018 should become another part of the success story.
EAB comment and requirements for budget application: The EAB supports the CertiFUNcation 2018 with a budget position but requires for the event to be cost-neutral.

Total amount of selected budget ideas from the innovation pool: €245,000.

The EAB would like to thank all applicants, independent if selected or not, for the submission of their budget ideas.

Next steps

Those applicants whose ideas have been selected can start to form teams and fill in the official budget application (form will be provided by the EAB). The budget application can be handed in by any team member. If the budget application is formally OK and the EAB agrees with goals and milestones outlined, then the stated amount will be confirmed. Budgets can only be used after their confirmation by the EAB and when the budget owner has signed a budget agreement.

Applicants will be provided the contact details of those members who have indicated that they would be able to support their budget idea. Should anyone be interested in supporting an idea without having indicated it at the budget poll, then please contact the successful budget idea applicants directly or get in touch with the EAB.

Other Budget Pools

The EAB has also reviewed the budgets in the “Development” and the “Infrastructure” budget pools.

The EAB would like to better understand the cloud hosting strategy of the server team before granting their budget (which is higher than usual). A delegation from the EAB will meet the server team to create a common understanding with partnership in mind and clarify outstanding questions.

The remaining budgets have been granted. Budget owners will be contacted in the next few days. They need to sign a budget agreement before they can start using their budget.


Budgets for “Development” and “Infrastructure” pools have been granted pending last clarifying questions and formal approval. Budgets for the “Innovation, Educations and Events” pool have been outlined and will now be backed by the applicants and interested community members with a formal budget application. The EAB will review those applications and then finalize the budget process for the TYPO3 Association Budget 2018.

Image credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/teegardin/

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