TYPO3 Core Codesprint Berlin

Berlin, Germany

With the new version to be started, a lot of cleaning work needs to be done. The perfect time to join or rejoin the contributing team on their meeting, this time in Berlin at our friendly host undkonsorten GbR.

We will meet for four days from morning to night to take on coding tasks small and little. Come on over with your working development setup on your laptop (need preparation? Look here for the Contribution Workflow Guide and join us in our Slack to get all kickstart you need). You should know your way around TYPO3 development, but it doesn't matter whether you ever contributed before.

The TYPO3 core team will organize accomodation centrally (just register for the event here), travel costs can be reimbursed.  Food will be provided. Sponsoring of each part and size is of course welcome and will be honored with the due social media coverage (tweets, blog post).

A social night will be prepared for one evening away from keyboard, so you get a chance to talk to everyone and make friends.

In case of any questions, please use the request form on the registration page, or even easier, ping me (Anja Leichsenring) on Slack.
Happy coding, see you in Berlin?

Register here for the event!

Program / Schedule

Each day we will meet roughly about 9am on site, where the participants will find breakfast and coffee. We stay until we agree to leave. Food and beverages are taken care of.

There will be a social night out of the office, so you get the chance to know your fellow contributors away from keyboard.

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