Meet TYPO3 at
DrupalCon Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

TYPO3 is a PHP-based open-source CMS, just like Drupal. The structure and backend experience differs, but, under the hood, our two communities solve web publishing and content management with similar tools and third-party dependencies. DrupalCon is a place to meet, exchange ideas, and discuss solutions to the challenges faced by open source software today.

DrupalCon Barcelona is the largest Drupal event in Europe in 2024. The conference features six tracks and numerous sessions over three days, 24–26 September.

The Drupal Association is the event organizer. They collaborate with the TYPO3 Association, Open Source Matters (Joomla), and Wordpress Project in the Open Website Alliance. This conference will be a chance to strengthen the collaboration between Drupal and TYPO3.

TYPO3 Project Ambassador Mathias Bolt Lesniak will be present at the conference.

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