Core Development

The TYPO3 Core Development Team is dedicated to develop and maintain the central parts of our favorite CMS.

Mission Statement

"To Jointly Innovate Excellent Free Software Enabling People to Communicate."

The TYPO3 Core Development Team endeavors to make TYPO3 the best of its breed. To achieve this mission it pursues the following goals

  • maintain and enhance the TYPO3 core
  • ensure TYPO3 source code quality
  • be a pillar of the community

Technical Lead

In case you have questions, feel free to contact Benni Mack.

Please understand that technical support requests will be ignored. You are kindly asked to use Slack instead (see our contacts).

Current strategic development initiatives

A “initiative” consists of people with a common interest to make long-term improvements in a specific area in TYPO3 including strategic plans, goals, task-breakdown and monitoring of progress.

PWA Initiative

Progressive Web Apps are a hot topic currently. It allows mobile websites to look and feel like native apps, work offline or be installable and more. TYPO3 should make it easy to build progressive web applications.

PWA Initiative

SEO Initiative

Search Engine Optimization is important for every website. The goal of this initiative is to make TYPO3 out-of-the-box as SEO-friendly as possible. For developers and editors!

TYPO3 SEO Initiative

Form Framework Initiative

The main goal of the ext:form initiative is to continuously provide a state of the art form editor in TYPO3. 

Form Framework Initiative

Find more TYPO3 core development initiatives

Roles & Responsibilities

    While everyone is welcome to participate and contribute to TYPO3's development, there are a few formalized roles in the development team:

    Members of the TYPO3 Core Team are responsible for reviewing and merging patches, back-porting fixes and continuously providing high-quality contributions to the TYPO3 Core.


    • +2/-2 rights (merge rights) to the Core Git Repository


    • Provides recent, recurring, high quality contributions
    • Provides high quality reviews the community can rely on
    • Takes care of needed backports for self-merged patches
    • Is actively in touch with the Technical Lead on a unregular basis to keep in touch with the current development 
    • Joins team meetings and events at best effort


    • Can handle the core infrastructure like Forge, Gerrit and Git
    • Shows responsibility for his/her own merges - i.e. regressions introduced by a merge
    • Commits her/himself to the project for a larger amount of time (i.e. 3-6 months)
    • Can be trusted in one or more special areas: we rely on his/her knowledge in areas to focus on the Mission Statement in order to keep up the high quality, backwards-compatibility and stability. For areas where one is not as experienced, asking the Technical Lead is recommended (based on trust)
    • Members must keep an open mindset to new ideas from both inside and outside of the team

    Membership Invitation and Revocation

    • Is invited by the TYPO3 Technical Lead
    • Can step down any time by communicating to the TYPO3 Technical Lead
    • Will degrade back to being a regular contributor if not having shown any substantial activity (gerrit activity / creating new patches / actively testing and code-reviewing open patches / commenting on issues for the TYPO3 Core) in the past 6 months.

    Members of the TYPO3 Product Team are responsible for strategic planning of TYPO3 development. 


    • Has a defined job (field of responsibility - for example releasing or budget management).
    • Supports other Team Members in case of questions.
    • Takes part in meetings and planning sessions regularly.


    • Is an expert in certain areas where he/she can take decisions on his own (based on trust).
    • Is available for regular meetings (bi-weekly at least).
    • Is able to spend a substantial amount of time on planning and discussing decisions.
    • Feels responsible for the whole product.

    Membership Invitation and Revocation

    • Is invited by the TYPO3 Technical Lead.
    • In case of inactivity, a member will lose his/her status, or based on an individual decision by the TYPO3 Technical Lead.

    The TYPO3 Technical Lead is the highest authority for any questions about the development of TYPO3.


    • has an overview of releases, budget and to the outside
    • ensures continuity of future releases and versions
    • invites new Team Members
    • revokes and modifies status of Team Members
    • supports Team Members in case of questions
    • ensures the evaluation process of suggestion, discussion, agreement and decision
    • is the highest authority for the TYPO3 Core in case of dissension to make a final decision
    • organizes frequently recurring public online meetings and prepares meeting agenda
    • organizes code sprints and team meetings in real life
    • interacts with instances and committees of the TYPO3 Association

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