Teams and Committees

The teams and committees of the TYPO3 community take on tasks within specific areas, such as core development, education, communication and security. Some apply for funding from the TYPO3 Association and organize regular meetings or sprints. Others, such as the Academic Committy, are funded by its members and address or promote topics specific for the members. Many meet regularly online.

Join or Help Out

The teams and committees have varying requirements, but many are looking for more people. Contact the team or committee leader to hear how you can help out.

  • Inside TYPO3 – April 2024

    Categories: Event Report, TYPO3 CMS, Core Development
    Created by Tom Warwick
    April's episode of the Official TYPO3 Podcast.
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  • Screenshot showing translation status for 24 languages on Crowdin. The highest has 100%, the lowest 13%.

    Report From the Localization Team (2023)

    Categories: Localization, Community
    Created by Peter Kraume
    Last year was marked by the revitalization of the Localization Team. We re-established regular meetings and started working on a number of issues, including decommissioning the old translation infrastructure with Pootle, which had become obsolete since the switch to Crowdin.
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  • Computer and empty bottle on table with papers.

    Annual Report of the TYPO3 UX Team — 2023

    Categories: Community, Teams
    Created by Rachel Foucard
    The UX Team helps to improve and maintain the TYPO3 User Experience. The main goal of this team is to work on UX improvements for TYPO3 existing features and also to collaborate on building any new feature during the concept process if help is wanted.
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  • A grid of avatars.

    Annual Report of the TYPO3 Documentation Team, 2023

    Categories: Community, Documentation, Documentation
    Created by Florian Thiele
    The TYPO3 Documentation Team underwent dynamic changes throughout 2023, fostering resilience and innovation in maintaining and enhancing the project's documentation.
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  • Report From a Three-Day Code Sprint By an Application Development Apprentice

    Categories: Event Report, Community, Documentation
    Created by Florian Thiele
    I joined the TYPO3 Community Sprint held in Düsseldorf 20–22 November 2023. This was my first time attending one of these events in person. Until now, my only experience was an online Community Sprint back in July. It was cool and kinda exciting to meet all these TYPO3 folks face-to-face.
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  • Arabic CMS: Mastering Right-to-Left Content

    Categories: Community, TYPO3 CMS, Localization
    Created by Abdulhamid Kwieder
    Join us in celebrating the 2023 World Arabic Language Day and learn about the intricacies and the properties of right-to-left content management, Arabic diacritics, and how TYPO3 can help you master them!
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  • Colored line drawing of a workshop with wooden table and miscellaneous tools laid out on top of it.

    A Recap of the First Remote Code Sprint With the Best Practices Team

    Categories: Event Report, Development, Community, TYPO3 CMS, Best Practice
    Created by Karsten Nowak
    The focus of the Best Practices Team’s first code sprint was to work on open issues for the Tea extension. For me, it was the first official TYPO3 code sprint that I have ever attended — and it will not be my last.
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  • Crowdin and TYPO3 logos separated by a plus sign.

    Shutdown of the Pootle Translation Server

    Categories: Localization, Development, TYPO3 CMS, Public Service Announcement
    Created by Peter Kraume
    Crowdin has been our default translation server for quite some time. We have now decommissioned the infrastructure that supported the old Pootle translation server — here is how it impacts you.
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  • You’re Invited: Best Practices Team Remote Sprint

    Categories: Development, Community, TYPO3 CMS, Documentation
    Created by Daniel Siepmann
    The Best Practices team's inaugural remote sprint is happening on 27 November 2023. We'll meet on Slack for a day of general housework and working through our backlog.
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  • Screenshot of the TYPO3 backend with Arabic language labels.

    TYPO3 Fully Translated to Arabic

    Categories: Community, TYPO3 CMS, Localization
    Created by Felicity Brand
    Community member Abdulhamid Kwieder recently shared on the TYPO3 Slack that he has completed the translation of the entire content of the TYPO3 backend to the Arabic language.
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