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Due to the relaunch we removed the possibility to add and edit events in the frontend. If you are responsible for an event like a local usergroup, please get in contact with the t3o team via Slack or t3o(at)typo3.org.

With the new version to be started, a lot of cleaning work needs to be done. The perfect time to join or rejoin the contributing team on their meeting, this time in Berlin at our friendly host undkonsorten GbR.

We will meet for four days from morning to night to take on coding tasks small and little. Come on over with your working development setup on your laptop (need preparation? Look here for the Contribution Workflow Guide and join us in our Slack to get all kickstart you need). You should know your way around TYPO3 development, but it doesn't matter whether you ever contributed before.

The TYPO3 core team will organize accomodation centrally (just register for the event here), travel costs can be reimbursed.  Food will be provided. Sponsoring of each part and size is of course welcome and will be honored with the due social media coverage (tweets, blog post).

A social night will be prepared for one evening away from keyboard, so you get a chance to talk to everyone and make friends.

In case of any questions, please use the request form on the registration page, or even easier, ping me (Anja Leichsenring) on Slack.
Happy coding, see you in Berlin?

Register here for the event!

Because this Usergroup is for local community member and therefore the language of the event is german.

Die TYPO3 Stammtisch Ruhr trifft sich (fast) immer am letzten Montag im Monat. 
Wir treffen uns um 18.30 Uhr im Unperfekthaus in Essen, Raum 104.

The India TYPO3 User Group (iTUG) meets every first Friday of the month at 5:00 pm with TYPO3 Enthusiast. Everyone interested in TYPO3, whether beginner or professional, is welcome!

In general, iTUG is doing activities like as follows:

  • TYPO3 Seminar/Workshops,
  • Develop and Maintain TYPO3 Extensions for TER,
  • Exchanging tips and advice,
  • TYPO3 Public Events,
  • Involve/Participate into TYPO3 Universe
  • and more.,

Connect with us at http://www.itug.in/ or email to sanjay(at)nitsan.in

Inspire People To Share, Love TYPO3 :)

Because this Camp is for the local community and therefore the language of the event is german.

Spannende Sessions und ein erquickliches Rahmenprogramm erwarten dich auch 2018 im Herzen der Ruhrmetropole. Nimm Teil am lebendigen Austausch und fruchtbaren Networking in der Gemeinschaft mit weiteren TYPO3-Begeisterten.


Reviewing a patch is good karma…

…and when done in a group it's way more fun than doing it on your own!

Every Open Source Software (OSS) project thrives on contributions of its community. Of course, TYPO3 is no exception to that rule. No documentation, infrastructure or even the CMS itself would survive without the constant efforts of volunteers out there that put their time and energy into the project.

On that note - thank you! For every line of code, every pull request, every idea, every bug report and - of course - every bag of sweets given to anybody willing to spend their time to make the project better.

Every first Friday of a month TYPO3 GmbH will be opening its doors from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. to host a Review Friday, an event for anyone interested in making a difference where they can simply walk in, pick a seat and boot up their laptop to spend their time with us, contributing to what we all love so much, TYPO3. There is room for coding, testing, talking and sharing stories. Food and beverages will be taken care of by us.

The main purpose of the event is to get the amount of open patches down. You can take a look at the amount of open issues and other stats and diagrams on forger.

Even if you can't attend in person, there is always the internet. We coordinate tasks via Slack and the TYPO3 Teamspeak server (typo3.teamspeak-server.info), so all you need to do is raise your virtual hand and get in touch.

We set up a Facebook Events page where you can sign up. If you shouldn’t have an account simply message me on Slack (@maddy) or in a best-case-scenario just walk into our office.

The TYPO3 GmbH staff and me in particular are really looking forward to meeting you for a day of contribution.

Yours, Anja Leichsenring

On a side note, you might even find your name in an issue of our monthly Developer Appreciation Day (DAD) articles.

The TYPO3 Meetup Munich (MTUG) meets every first Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm. Everyone interested in TYPO3, whether beginner or professional, is welcome! In general there is a talk and afterwards we have time to discuss things and socialize.

Das WebMeetup Bodensee findet in den Räumen von compuart.com in Wangen statt AG statt. Beginn ab 19 Uhr.
Jeder Webworker ist herzlich eingeladen!

Bitte meldet euch hier an, wenn ihr teilnehmen wollt.

Unsere Usergroup lebt von der Mitarbeit aller Teilnehmer. Ähnlich wie auf einem Barcamp.
Wir suchen auch immer Themen für die Treffen. Jeder kann dazu beitragen, auch ohne der Super-Profi zu sein ;)

  • Habt ihr ein interessantes Projekt umgesetzt, oder seid ihr noch dabei, das ihr gerne zeigen wollt?
  • Habt ihr einen bestimmten Workflow oder bestimmte Tools, die für andere vielleicht interessant sein könnten?

Übrigens können die Treffen auch dabei helfen, Probleme zu lösen:

  • Ihr habt eine bestimmte Anforderung umzusetzen, seid euch aber nicht sicher, wie?
  • Ihr habt Fragen zu bestimmten CMS?
  • Ihr wollt über Extensions/Tools/sonstiges mehr wissen?

Dann nutzt die Treffen auch dafür, Fragen zu stellen.

Vielleicht kennt einer der anderen Teilnehmer die Antworten auf eure Fragen und kann bis zum nächsten Treffen etwas dazu vorbereiten.

TYPO3 Usergroup Bodensee