TYPO3 Events

Due to the relaunch we removed the possibility to add and edit events in the frontend. If you are responsible for an event like a local usergroup, please get in contact with the t3o team via Slack or t3o(at)typo3.org.

The austrian TYPO3 community is celebrating Christmas 2018

Many thanks to our sponsor www.abaton.at for organizing the event which has become an annual event of our beloved TYPO3 usergroup.

.     .    O  .         O
  o       .       .   .    .               .     O
   .  o _.,--------.   O       O    .       o
     ,'"            `.    .            O        .
 O  /                 \     o    .
   f .                 Y
 . |  \________________j  .        o     .      o
   |  f                Y   .                     .
  O|  l________________j          .         O
   | f|||||l ,--   --.||  O  o      ,----------------.
 . | |jjj|l`  ,-.  ,-.|l           f  Merry Christmas Y
   j_j,-```  f  | f  ||-.   .      |       dear       |
  f   Y (|   l_0, l_0,| j          l  TYPO3 Community j
  l   jY |       `.   |f   O     .  `-._    ______.,-'
   `-' `-|,        )  l'            o   )  /    .
  o    ||f ,-  `--'  _ Y      o      _,' ,'
   O   jjj  `.       ,`| `-..___..,-'_.,'    O     o
     . '''\   `-----'  j      `""""''
 .      O  |.        ,'     o                  .
    o  .   | `-._.,-'   O         .    o         o
      ____ |      l ____   .   O
  o ,'-+-->l   -'  Y<--+`.   o
   /+--+,' \`-.__,'| `.+--\      .    .    o
  /-+--+`-, \.____,j ,'+--+\  .                   O
 f--+--+-<   \    /  >-+--+-Y   o       O      .
 j--+--+--`.  `. / ,'--+--+-l     O      o
f+--+--+--+-`.  Y /-+--+--+--Y  .             o
|+--+--+--+--+\ |f--+--+--+--|           .         .
|+--+-f+--+--+-\|j--+--+Y-+--|  o           o
|+--+-|+--+--+--|+--+--+|-+--|                    o

If you have a question about the event, use the TYPO3 slack channel or send an email:

Der TYPO3 User Group Dresden e.V. lädt erneut Entwickler, Anwender und Agenturen zum Barcamp nach Dresden ein: spannende Sessions, fachlicher Austausch und interessante Gespräche bei den Partys stehen auf dem Programm. Wir freuen uns, dass es nun auch in Mitteldeutschland wieder die Möglichkeit geben wird, sich mit der TYPO3-Familie zu treffen und auszutauschen. Inspiring people to share!

Stubaital is starting at 900 meters above sealevel going up to 1700m during its length of 35km enclosed by the well-known "Stubaier Gletscher".

For railway fans Stubai offers a special adventure: you could go by tramway from Innsbruck at 574m to Fulpmes at 937m, located in the middle of the alpine valley of Stubai. The route offers spectacular panoramic views to Innsbruck & the Glaciers of Stubai, not to forget about great constructions like railway bridges & tubes dating back to 1904!

Since 2013 TYPO3 East Europe (T3EE) gathers each year TYPO3 developers and enthusiasts from all over Europe with the aim to promote the development of TYPO3 in countries where it is not yet well known, to encourage the growth of the local communities, help them get more involved and also boost TYPO3
among TYPO3 developers and on the market.

  • 500+ attendees over the years 
  • 15+ countries 
  • many interesting subjects revealed by great speakers 
  • special events for students 
  • parties (at least 2-3 every year) 
  • TYPO3 Marathon 
  • great memories 
  • different challenges 
  • lots of fun 

I know you are curious and want to find out how it really was, but for that you have to join this T3EE 2018 edition and convince yourself. 

Of course you will be able to connect with other members of the TYPO3 community including developers designers, copywriters, clients, users and more. Several internationally-known members of the TYPO3 community will be attending and presenting.

Please note, the final conference location will be updated. It will take place in Den Haag.