Voting for the new release cycles for TYPO3 CMS

Categories: Development, Community Created by Ernesto Baschny
After a long preparation phase, discussions and refinement, we ask the whole TYPO3 Community to vote on the new concept for the release cycles for our TYPO3 CMS product in future.
Every member of the TYPO3 Community (all active contributors, extension authors, Association members, team members, mailing list participants, TYPO3 users etc) is invited to participate. Please read (or re-read) the Blueprint: <link http: blueprints release _blank> And afterwards give one vote on the matter on this Doodle: <link https: vw5wwxds3b3952yv _blank> Please use your real name when voting, so that we can ensure legitimacy of the voting. We will consider the Blueprint approved if two-thirds of the valid votes are counted in favor of it. The voting ends on Sunday, August 3rd 2014, 12:00 CEST. Note that the discussion phase is over already, but you can still ask questions in case something is not clear to you. Please use the mailing list / forum / newsgroup for that (thread "<link http: index.php t _blank>After the LTS is before the LTS").


August 5th 2014, by <link>Oliver Hader
The voting has been withdrawn for the time being and will be repeated at a later point. The voting results got distorted, but ending this process with partial results and using them as official reference is a very suboptimal way to go. Albeit we criticise this technical vandalism, it clearly contained feedback and criticism concerning the voting process. This criticism has been pointed out by several other individual in a more constructive way. Thus, the blueprint will be overworked, sub-topics will be extracted to separate blueprints. After the homework is done, the process in finding agreement or consensus on the topics will be restarted.