Update on the TYPO3 Elections and General Assembly

The next General Assembly (GA) of the TYPO3 Association will be held in Essen (Unperfekthaus) on Wednesday, 11th of April 2018 at 13:00.

The GA is the body with the highest authority within the association - and is made up of you, our members. In our annual meetings we invite all Association members to take part in fundamental decision making and discuss changes affecting the Association. 

This year we are planning the following change: to combine the Expert Advisory and Board into one Board. The aim is to create a slimmer, simpler and faster organization. We are currently finalizing a draft of new bylaws which we will announce once complete.

Further information will be published at our General Assembly-Page

Before the GA meeting, the annual elections will take place via online voting. This time round there are three positions up for re-election within the Expert Advisory Board. If you would like to become a part of the Association Board please get in touch with us (via Slack for example: https://typo3.slack.com/messages/C026NLTBR) and / or nominate yourself at 

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Essen at the GA.