typo3.org code sprint starting

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Today the next code sprint in a continuing series of sprints starts. This four day sprint will occupy the dev's from today until Sunday
The participants from the typo3.org code sprint are getting ready as I write this to travel to Wiesbaden again for the fourth code sprint to improve our information hub typo3.org. Most will be arriving during the afternoon and we will kick of the meeting later today. There are quite a number of topics that need attention. These are the most important:
  • Login
  • Server Load
  • Documentation
  • Deployment
  • TYPO3 Extension Repository - TER
  • Professional services Listing - PSL
We have about 20 participants amongst which the server team that will dedicate quite some time to the overall infrastructure.
  • Joern Bock (pizzamanager/content)
  • Tolleiv Nietsch (deployment, documentation, all things technical)
  • Ben van ‘t Ende (pizzamanager/content/reporter)
  • Fabien Udriot  (documentation)
  • Christian Zenker (content stuff, integration)
  • Mario Matzulla (PSL)
  • Steffen Gebert (deployment)
  • Christian Handel  (t3agent/content/integration)
  • Martin Bless (documentation)
  • Andreas Beutel (login)
  • Sascha Egerer (Search)
  • Kian coordination/PSL)
  • Bastian Bringenberg (Server Team)
  • Peter Niederlag (Server Team - GIT)
  • Michael Stucki (Server Team)
  • Thomas Löffler (TER)
  • Tymoteusz Motylewski (ExtBase)
  • Thomas Layh (ExtBase)
  • Steffen Ritter (Friendly Ghost)
  • Mick Klapper (Deployment) - Saturday


You can sponsor the sprint. Anja Leichsenring and Jari-Hermann Ernst sponsored some k's of coffee beans and Ingo Schmitt sponsor a pizza dinner. If you like what the team is doing you can also sponsor the team. Write an email to <link>ben@typo3.org and we will make it work. We will keep you updated of the progress throughout the sprint.