TYPO3 v8.5 released

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Christmas came early this year - TYPO3 v8.5 has been released just now, including some very exciting and promising changes. This so-called sprint release is one further step towards TYPO3 8 LTS, scheduled to be published in April 2017.

What's new?

Ralf Zimmermann, Andreas Steiger and Björn Jacob from <link https: www.tritum.de _blank>Tritum have been working day and night the last months to start the next generation of building forms in TYPO3 websites. The new so-called “Form framework” contains both a point-and-click wizard to generate any kind of forms, as well as a flexible way to render the forms with Fluid, and process forms via a pluggable concept. See new EXT:form in action in a short <link https: www.youtube.com _blank>demo video.
The user interface of the previous form wizard was still based on ExtJS. In the scope of modernizing the user experience and introduce lightweight JavaScript packages, the new version of the “form designer” has been rewritten from scratch. Logic and behavior on the browser side is now implemented using slim jQuery components.
Besides that, the wizard itself is based on separated visual components that are composed by configuration settings in YAML - thus, one can even modify the feature-set of this wizard in the backend by providing an individual configuration. Forms that are built in this designer application are stored in YAML as well and persisted in the file system. Available forms are included in an accordant content element in order to be rendered in the frontend.
The overhauled version of EXT:form is not only using modern technology, but also supports multi-step forms and custom finishers to e.g. deliver a mail. During the next few weeks, the ecosystem around EXT:form will be enhanced with more documentation and configuration examples.
The next generation of rich text editing (RTE) in the TYPO3 backend - the de-facto standard open source editor <link http: ckeditor.com _blank>CKEditor - has been integrated into the TYPO3 Core as a new system extension as a first step.
Please note that the current state is explicitly marked as experimental and the extension is not installed by default yet, as a lot of plugins and configuration options have not been integrated yet. It currently serves as a basis for further development as well as a base for the works on the new frontend editing part. Further development in this area will also include better configuration handling for the editing interface as well as the transformations between the RTE and the database and the frontend rendering.

Further changes

As usual, we have some small but nice changes in TYPO3. For a full changelog, see our documentations for more information: <link https: docs.typo3.org typo3cms extensions core changelog index.html>docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/extensions/core/8-dev/Changelog/8.5/Index.html

Download it now

You can find TYPO3 v8.5 on our <link>downloads page, get it via <link https: wiki.typo3.org composer>Composer or try out the <link https: github.com tuurlijk typo3.homestead>virtual machine to play around with the latest development version. Please make sure you have PHP7 running on your target system, as this is the base requirement for TYPO3 v8.

What's next

We have some more additions almost ready, including the continuous work of CKEditor integration, further adoptions to streamline the localization process, as well as more work to clean the Core from ExtJS as JavaScript framework.
TYPO3 v8.6 will be the last sprint release and is planned for Valentine’s day, which is February 14, 2017. It will include the last bigger changes and adoptions for TYPO3.
A code sprint is planned for february 2017 to polish v8 ready for the LTS release on April 4th.