TYPO3 v4 Core SVN Migration

Categories: Development Created by Ingmar Schlecht
The TYPO3 v4 SVN repository has been moved to svn.typo3.org, TYPO3's own SVN server infrastructure.

Following TYPO3 5.0, the TYPO3 v4 SVN repository has been moved to svn.typo3.org, TYPO3's own SVN server infrastructure. The SVN server at svn.typo3.org is meant for all TYPO3 projects, not only the v4 and v5 Core but also for teams like typo3org or the DEV3 team.


An important aspect of the migration has been the tighter integration with the TYPO3 Forge, a Redmine based development platform for TYPO3 related projects featuring a code browser, bugtracker, a wiki and a news publising system, all on a per-project basis.

The directory structure of the new repository is straight forward, having our three main products TYPO3 v4, TYPO3 v5 and FLOW3 as well as the meta item "Teams" on the top level:

  • TYPO3v4
    • Core
    • Extensions
  • TYPO3v5
  • FLOW3
  • Teams

A code browser of the new v4 Core SVN is available on the core team pages on Forge.

Apart from migrating the SVN repository, the TYPO3 v4 core team is also migrating the development related wiki pages to forge.typo3.org. A set of pages related to the planning of TYPO3 4.3 can already be found on the new team wiki. The bug tracker on bugs.typo3.org will however stay at its current location for some more time to come as the Forge issue tracker does not yet offer all the features needed.

Technical details

All revision history has been kept during the migration, so it's possible to check out older revisions from the new repository. The old repository on Sourceforge is still available as a read-only version, so it remains possible to "svn diff" against the old repository, which enables you to still compile patches from customizations you might have done in a working copy of the old repository.

The TYPO3 extensions located on the typo3xdev Sourceforge project have not been moved over yet, but a migration is currently being planned. Extension maintainers will be notified well in advance when the migration is scheduled.

Working copy migration

As we changed the repository structure, it is not possible to directly switch your existing working copies. Instead, you have to check out a fresh new working copy from the new repository URLs (trunk: svn.typo3.org/TYPO3v4/Core/trunk, 4.2 branch: svn.typo3.org/TYPO3v4/Core/branches/TYPO3_4-2/).

In case your old working copy contained manual customizations, those will have to be saved in a patch file first (using the command "svn diff > thePatch.diff") and then be applied to the new working copy (using "patch").


Thanks a lot to Andreas Wolf and Sebastian Kurfürst, who prepared and tested all the scripts and did the migration. Great work! Also, thanks to punkt.de for hosting the SVN server.