TYPO3 Phoenix Sprint Release 9

Categories: Development
One month after Sprint Release 8, the core team is excited to announce the 9th Sprint Release of the new CMS with the code name "Phoenix".
In this sprint, we polished existing functionality, in order to provide a stable basis for the upcoming code sprints. In particular, we focussed on making the setup as easy and straightforward as possible. We ship a web based installer now which guides you through the setup process and gives guidelines on how to set up your environment. Additionally we improved the backend module infrastructure and layout, and added a basic package management module. Finally we worked hard to eliminate bugs and glitches in the content editing experience, and worked on the sprint release process. For the <link https: notes.typo3.org p r.e6x1rrh3rtah1dsq>next sprint, we will continue focussing on the editing experience, and also work on implementing the Management module. The next sprint release will be around August 24. You can download TYPO3 Phoenix Sprint Release 9 from <link http: phoenix.typo3.org download.html>phoenix.typo3.org and check out the <link http: integration.phoenix.typo3.robertlemke.net:8080>demo system for trying it out (but don't touch the red buttons ;-). For further details on the work done in this sprint, please refer to our <link https: notes.typo3.org p r.l5zkjqgjqxuj5k8g>sprint notes. The TYPO3 Phoenix Team