TYPO3 Phoenix and FLOW3 - April 2012

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The major event for the TYPO3 community in April surely were the TYPO3 Developer Days in Munich. We had handed in a number of session and workshop proposals centered around Phoenix and FLOW3 - and were overwhelmed by the response we had. Afterwards the focus of a part of the team went back to FLOW3, to get things done for the release of version 1.1.

TYPO3 Phoenix

The new new new TypoScript rendering has been merged last month, and the various sites in production have been updated as needed. History management and link handling have been tweaked, the rewritten page tree implementation was submitted to the codebase and some workspace publishing bugs were squashed. Christian worked on the concept for content types in Phoenix and prepared <link https: docs.google.com document d edit>some <link https: docs.google.com spreadsheet>documents.  Aske and Bastian continued to work on the setup tool for Phoenix (and other FLOW3 applications) and pushed the results to the review server. This brings us a lot closer to a smooth experience for first-time Phoenix users. As already mentioned, we had some very nice sessions around Phoenix and the technologies we are using during the TYPO3 Developer Days. The sessions on EmberJS and TYPO3 Phoenix key concepts, the workshops on building a Phoenix website and creating a Phoenix plugin, the introduction to the TypoScript rendering engine (using Fluid) - all were well received and often ended with lively discussions about open tasks, possible solutions and new concepts. The longest workshop was about developing the concept for the Phoenix backend, and enough people participated the full day to fill four separate working groups. At the end of the day we had collected names and contact details from a number of people that want to participate in the project and had quite some results in the areas setup, editing, user permission handling and general UI/UX that can be implemented or serve as a good base for further work. One part that was already started is the management view. Sebastian worked on it and already produced some <link https: skitch.com skurfuerst content>impressive <link https: skitch.com skurfuerst content>results. Bastian later met with Marc Neuhaus (author of the <link https: github.com mneuhaus flow3-admin>FLOW3 Admin package) and had a real nice discussion on how to join forces for the Phoenix Content Management module Another task ticked off in April was the launch of the call for papers for the <link http: t3con12-quebec.typo3.org>T3CON12 Québec. During T3DD12 some of our team also spent some hours with Visay Keo who is maintaining the Phoenix-powered website for the <link http: t3con12-asia.typo3.org>T3CON12 Asia  to help him get things up and running.


Robert finalized the HTTP foundation changes and they were merged into the master codebase. A side effect is that unit and functional tests (not only) for the MVC stack have become a lot easier now, due to no longer needing to mock requests (simply create an instance) and a "virtual browser" that can be used in functional tests.  Another large change were the improvements and bug fixes for content security in FLOW3, that should now be fully working as expected. The same is true for file monitoring, which was given a thorough nudge and should now reliably detect all situations that make cache invalidation necessary. Bastian had a first go at reviewing the <link http: forge.typo3.org projects team-php_codesniffer>FLOW3 ruleset for PHP_CodeSniffer and Karsten changed the location of XLIFF files in FLOW3 packages to make the Pootle translation software happy. Those using FLOW3 on Windows probably are happiest about the removal of the .Shortcuts folder we introduced a while back to speed up class loading in FLOW3 - the use of symlinks is a real pain on Windows… Of course FLOW3 was also a topic for the TYPO3 Developer Days. Robert presented noteworthy changes that will be part of FLOW3 1.1 and the Form project was presented to interested developers by Bastian Waidelich. Connecting the worlds of FLOW3 and the TYPO3 CMS, the future TER project also was presented and Sebastian brushed up <link https: docs.google.com document d edit>this whitepaper for that occasion.

The End

That's it for April. Now on with May… stay tuned!