typo3.org recap 2018

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From 4th to 7th October our team met in Essen. This is a short report from our sprint, a retrospective of our work in 2018, and a look at what’s in store for 2019.

Team sprint in Essen (October 2018)

It is now nearly a tradition that our team meets after the TYPO3camp Rhein-Ruhr. Our sprint started right after the camp ended. 82 tickets and 76 merge requests were done.

Common Infrastructure

  • Speed: Leverage browser caching

Common Layout:

  • Improved picture title from Media in News articles
  • Fixed several layout issues
  • Fixed JavaScript Error when logging in
  • News: Added Support View “LIST OF SELECTED ITEMS”
  • Added new tile elements to “beautify our service listing”
  • Added a Cookie banner
  • Upgraded and migrated to FontAwesome 5
  • Mobile: Reduced fontsize


  • Removed Empty "created by" shown in news list view
  • Roadmap: Allow videos as media
  • Added image cropping for news
  • Allowed form creation for editors
  • News: Added  additional / alternative default Images (This month in TYPO3, Minor Release, Major Release, Security Release)
  • Improved Association Platinum Members Banner listing
  • Enabled Discourse comments for regular pages
  • Added backlink to event list


  • Fixed errors in t3o_ldap (and introduced new ones :-)
  • Fixed “user recover process must set a default user group”
  • Created Basic Karma Listing for Users
  • Created 404 page
  • Added “Reactivate user process” via backend
  • Created karma points/cash extension shell

Participants of the sprint:

Thomas Löffler, Stefan Busemann, Harry Glatz, Boris Schauer, Mathias Bolt Lesniak, Andreas Nedbal, Valentin Süß, Sebastian Kotte, Dominik Dörr

What did we achieve in 2018?

The biggest goal was reached already in April: typo3.org was relaunched and my.typo3.org was started. This was end of our relaunch project, which was started end of 2016. We are very proud that we were able to achieve this goal completely through the efforts of our community.

Our team did not fall into a deep sleep. We managed to have six sprints during the whole year.

  • January, Frankfurt (hosted by DKD): Prepare “new.typo3.org” and start stabilization phase
  • February, Darmstadt (combined sprint with the Design Team):  Launch “new.typo3.org”, Finalizing Layout elements
  • April (Essen): Go Live for typo3.org and my.typo3.org
  • June (Düsseldorf) at the Developer Days: Clean up, GDPR, SEO, Speed
  • September (hosted by in2code): Improve LDAP integration, Update Styleguide and HTML Prototype
  • November, Essen: see above

We like to say thank you to our 27 contributors and to the companies, which donated the time:

Thomas Löffler (SpoonerWeb), Stefan Busemann (in2code GmbH), Harry Glatz (analog digitalagentur), Boris Schauer (analog digitalagentur), Mathias Bolt Lesniak (Pixelant), Miro Olma (Medienagenten Stange & Ziegler oHG), Christian Knauf (analog digitalagentur), Yaroslav Trach (Pixelant), Tanya Nosenko (Pixelant), Myroslav Lutsiv (Pixelant), Olena Bulat (Pixelant), Tomas Norre Mikkelsen (AOE GmbH), Marco Seiler (Marco Seiler - Internetprojekte), Axel Müller (Axel Müller IT-Services), Michel Löw (Punkt.de), Andrii Pozdieiev, Rostyslav Matviyiv, Sanjay Chuahan (Nitsan), Keval Pandya (Nitsan), Marcus Schwemer (in2code GmbH), Sebastian Stein  (in2code GmbH), Andreas Nedbal (in2code GmbH), Felix Ranesberger (in2code GmbH), Valentin Süß (Browserwerk GmbH), Sebastian Kotte (Browserwerk GmbH), Dominik Dörr (KEMWEB GmbH & Co. KG), Jo Hasenau (Cybercraft GmbH).

All accommodation, food, and travel costs were covered by the TYPO3 Association.

What are our plans in 2019?

For this year we will introduce additional sites, based on our template framework.

  • voting.typo3.org: This will get the platform for the Board and BCC election. We will launch this site soon.
  • get.typo3.org: It seems that this site is made with our framework. Behind the curtains, it is only the HTML template. We want to combine the existing symfony application, which provides an API endpoint and functionalities, with our TYPO3 based environment. The advantage of this combination is an easier way to edit content and that we will get a site specific navigation (at the moment all links from the main menu are outgoing links, pointing to typo3.org).
  • condolences.typo3.org: A site to remember our lost community members

The rest of the year it is planned to improve self service options for members and community.

Find more about our plans at https://typo3.org/community/teams/typo3org/team-roadmap/.

Join our team at the #t3o-development channel in  https://typo3.slack.com and get in touch to join  our next sprint.