TYPO3 Neos and Flow - January 2013

Categories: Development Created by Karsten Dambekalns
Neos Robert started the year working on improving TYPO3CR and using its nodes for storing blog posts and comments in a plugin embedded for Neos. During this he reviewed large parts of TypoScript, our node implementation, Fluid and the content type mechanism in Neos. In the middle of January it worked good enough to go live. Sebastian did not only start to use Neos for his own company website (customers are always served first) but also published a first version of a TypoScript debugger. Although it still has some rough edges, it is already a helpful tool for looking under the hood of TypoScript rendering. It sparked a discussion on where the UI for such a debugger should be located - it could also be a Chrome extension started by Christopher… Bastian reached out to the documentation team and got great feedback on the last needed steps to have the documentation for Flow and Neos published on docs.typo3.org. The needed changes were done at the end of January and with the help of Martin Bless the TYPO3 project documentation has now converged. Documentation is also being worked on by Sebastian, who started a Neos Integrator Guide and also made TypoScripts prototype inheritance work as you would expect with these changes: prototype changes are applied to all objects inheriting from them regardless of the order in which TypoScript is written. Aske further worked on the sites administration module (which in the end got merged with a record of 39 patch sets) and pushed–as well as reviewed–a lot of other changes, small and large. Together with Julle he also gave a presentation on Neos during the TYPO3 Day in Copenhagen on January 11th. Marc was able to use Expose with regular domain models in a project and will aim to add it back to Neos in February. Markus is still fighting page tree issues and added a date picker to the inspector panel of Neos.


Support for custom configuration files was merged by Bastian and he set out to use them for view options immediately; something he discussed with Sebastian and others during the month. Bastian also udated the YAML schema files for configuration validation and did further work on improving the REST support in Flow. Sebastian tracked down and fixed a nasty bug that lead to logins not working as expected. Aske  made a uniqueness validator for entities originally written for a Neos module available for general Flow use. Robert started to work on CDN support in Flow by creating a connector for Rackspace CloudFiles that is already able to publish static and persistent resources. It would need 3 to 5 days of more work to really integrate CDN / alternative publishing support into Flow. Anyone interested in storing assets in the cloud or publishing to CDNs, please get in touch with Robert.

The End

… of January we had a three day Neos code sprint in Lübeck, with most participants arriving on Monday evening already. It was intense and motivating as usual and gave some great results a longer blog post will be written about. Stay tuned!