TYPO3 Mentorship Program 2021

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The aim of the TYPO3 International Mentorship Program is to expand the reach of TYPO3 CMS, to grow the community and market. The coordinating committee conducted a successful pilot program in 2020, supporting young web developers from five countries to make their first steps into the TYPO3 world.

With your involvement in 2021, it will be possible to conduct further programs that will help TYPO3 agencies to attract talent, and to expand our developer community and the use of TYPO3 CMS all over the world.

Learn About the TYPO3 International Mentorship Program

Update on the Mentorship Program

Since 2018, when we started the international activities of the TYPO3 Community Expansion Committee of the TYPO3 Association, we have developed many relationships with aspiring developers, and with development communities from many regions, including South America, Africa and Central Asia. We have spread the word about TYPO3 CMS, its technical advantages and the lucrative opportunities that a skilled TYPO3 CMS integrator or developer can access. 

In Autumn 2020 we started the TYPO3 International Mentorship Program. The pilot edition has just concluded and we have proven that we can introduce to the TYPO3 world new passionate web developers from many different countries. We have alumni from Chile, Rwanda, Benin, Cuba and Zimbabwe, and we have many more web developers interested in participating in a new mentor program that we aim to start soon, in the second quarter of 2021.  

Introducing Two Exciting Initiatives

Having this experience and discussing with our mentees, we realized that the initial mentorship has to be continued with more advanced forms of support, in order to provide the young developers with the opportunity of developing their knowledge while working on real production projects. 

That is why this year the TYPO3 Association devised two additional programs, to complement the ongoing International Mentorship:

The International Internship Program

This program introduces new TYPO3 integrators to the real life of a TYPO3 agency. It will accelerate their learning process and could become the start of a direct professional collaboration between the intern and the company. The program is aimed at giving new TYPO3 integrators and developers an understanding of how they might earn their living by working with TYPO3. 

The “Adopt a TYPO3 Rookie” Program

This program pairs TYPO3 beginners with experienced community buddies who can support and guide them on their learning path. The program takes 3 months, with an expected total assistance from the buddy of up to 20 hours over the entire period. 

This initiative is part of the CoCoMon project and aims to help up to 32 rookies in 2021, and could extend if we have your help and interest.

Opportunities To Get Involved

We would like to see many success cases happening and that is why we need TYPO3 agencies and community members to get involved. 

  • International Internship: If your agency is interested in bringing enthusiastic web developers from all over the world into your team, please contact us to discuss the process!
  • Adopt a Rookie: If you are an experienced TYPO3 integrator or developer who wants to offer your support and expertise, please get in touch
  • Sponsorship: We’d really love your support, so even if you can’t be a mentor yourself, perhaps you or your agency could become a sponsor and help us achieve our goals.

Learn About the TYPO3 International Mentorship Program

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