TYPO3 Launching the Mentorship Programme

Categories: Association, Education & Certification Created by Peter Pröll
Remember the times when you started with TYPO3? How would you describe it? Eye opening? Amazing? Awesome? Yeah! All of it! However there was and still is great potential to get lost in the TYPO3 jungle and many opportunities to get frustrated - especially if you are brand new to TYPO3.

The Mentorship Programme will help you if you’re new to TYPO3 or if you would like to get engaged and contribute to the project. <link 844>Now you can apply for a mentor online</link>!

So what is the Mentorship Programme? Your mentor will help you to get into the community and/or get started with TYPO3 and help you with recommendations depending on your current situation. They won’t be giving installation support and teaching you directly how to write your first templates, but rather by telling you where you can find the right information and additional help, thus showing you the way through the TYPO3 jungle. Think of them as a high-tech tour guide and you won’t be far off!

Your mentor will also help you get involved with the TYPO3 project by introducing you to the diverse teams, showing you the spots where you can help with your particular expertise. Sometimes contributing to such a large project can feel intimidating and so once again your Mentor will be here to show you the way.

Finally if you want to visit your first TYPO3 event we will find a mentor to help you with a smooth introduction to the community!

In short: TYPO3 Boarding made easy - get your bording pass now :)

If you have any questions about the TYPO3 mentorship programm, do not hesitate to contact <link moritz.krauss@typo3.org>Moritz Krauss</link>.