TYPO3 Joins PHP-FIG as a Member Project

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TYPO3 has officially joined PHP-FIG as a member project, represented by TYPO3 Project Lead Benni Mack.

Benni Mack, CTO of b13 and TYPO3 Core Project Lead said: 

“TYPO3 has been benefiting from PHP-FIG's standard recommendations for over 5 years, and participating as an active member in PHP-FIG was long overdue, in helping to shape the future of interoperability of PHP frameworks and Content Management Systems.”

The official announcement was posted by PHP-FIG 25 July 2020:

Making PHP Frameworks Work Better Together

Interoperability is defined as “the degree to which two products, programs, etc. can be used together.” Hence, the PHP Framework Interoperability Group is focused on making it easier for PHP frameworks to work better together. The FIG aims to provide a platform for project representatives to “talk about the commonalities between our projects and find ways we can work together.” 

Benni Mack will represent TYPO3 alongside members from a range of projects, such as Composer, ezPublish, Magento, Pimcore, and more. Because these recommendations are shared among diverse projects, it gives the participants a chance to find the common ground between them, and forge a shared vision for a more interoperable future.

Standards Make TYPO3 Easier for New Developers

TYPO3 has already been adopting PSRs that make it easier to write interoperable code. In turn, adopting these widely used standards lower the threshold for developers who would like to learn TYPO3. In this article on typo3.com, about Benni Mack’s involvement in PHP-FIG, you can see which PSRs were adopted in which versions of TYPO3.

With continued PSR adoption, TYPO3 becomes more flexible and easier to integrate with other systems.