TYPO3 Inc. – What is next?

Categories: Association Created by Alain Veuve
Thanks to everyone who attended the General Assembly last week. Thanks for your interest, support and trust. We really appreciate it.
In many ways, the GA 2016 felt a bit like the GA 2015, we have been in doubt if the members will be in favor of our idea for a commercial leg of the TYPO3 Association. And as in 2015 we have been surprised by the amounts of support and felt the demand of changing something for the good within the TYPO3 ecosystem. As we are now one step closer and green for “go”, we take the result of the voting more of a duty to deliver on the promise than as an award for the preparation work. However, we need to be clear that the TYPO3 Inc. is an ambitious project with many variables and question marks still. And you should make no mistake; we will need your support again and stronger than ever to create a bright future for the TYPO3 community. This being said, I am sure you want to know how we proceed. Mathias and I have already had some discussions and coordination calls in the past week and we will have a kick-off meeting on April 26. In parallel, things are set for incorporating TYPO3 Inc.  In this meeting we will set up an initial backlog of stuff that needs to be done. As we would like to work in a more agile mode, we will continually add to-do's to the backlog and reprioritize as things evolve. We are planning to report at least every 3 weeks in an TYPO3 Inc. update bulletin on the things we have achieved or are challenging us. So stay tuned.  As now Mathias will represent the TYPO3 Inc. as CEO this will be my last official update on the project – still if you have questions or input, please do not hesitate to contact me.