TYPO3 Inc. CEO will speak at Drupal Conference in Baltimore (USA), 25th April 2017

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Mathias Schreiber, CEO, TYPO3 Inc.
Mathias Schreiber, CEO, TYPO3 Inc.
Drupal evangelist Jeffrey A. McGuire shares a session with TYPO3 leader on “threats to open source”. For the first time, a representative from a competing open source provider will speak at the Drupal Conference in Baltimore, USA.
With this approach, key figures in the open source Content Management System (CMS) market are joining forces to face external threats. In a one-hour session, the Drupal evangelist Jeffrey A. McGuire and TYPO3 leader Mathias Schreiber will discuss “threats to open source”. 
“Proprietary software vendors and their allies are still trying to take open source software out of the picture by any means necessary,” says Mathias Schreiber, CEO of <link https: typo3.com _blank>TYPO3 Inc. “We need to be pragmatic and build real alliances.”

Collaboration as the best protection

Titled “<link https: events.drupal.org baltimore2017 sessions be-open-being-open-know-your-friends-pick-right-fights _blank>Know your friends, pick the right fights,” the session is taking place at <link https: events.drupal.org baltimore2017 sessions be-open-being-open-know-your-friends-pick-right-fights _blank>DrupalCon, the world’s largest <link http: drupal.org _blank>Drupal related event. The session will address a number of issues faced by the open source community today: Contractual, legal and regulatory means are long-term threats to the thriving Drupal and TYPO3 communities. As the session description states: “Collaboration is more powerful than protectionism.”

TYPO3 only open source provider of vendor-level warranties

“A common demand limiting customers’ choice of CMS is the requirement of a vendor-level Service Level Agreement (SLA),” says the TYPO3 Inc. CEO. “Due to our legal structure, TYPO3 Inc. is currently the only open source CMS vendor able to provide this service and compete with closed-source vendors.”

Biographic information

  • Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire is a Drupal Evangelist at <link https: www.acquia.com _blank>Acquia, one of the biggest contributors and commercial entities associated with Drupal.
  • Mathias Schreiber is CEO of <link http: typo3.com _blank>TYPO3 Inc., the TYPO3 Association’s technological development and service corporation.

About the TYPO3 Association

The TYPO3 Association has been promoting the development of free software projects that have arisen from the Community regarding the original TYPO3 Content Management Solution for ten years now. It is a not-for-profit organization that provides software developments from third parties that it has funded to the public free of charge. The TYPO3 Association is an association according to Swiss Law that was founded by the members of the TYPO3 Community, including Kasper Skårhøj, in November 2004. It has its headquarters in Baar ZG, Switzerland. The TYPO3 Association is non-partisan and denominationally neutral. More information on its members, objectives and funding opportunities can be found at: <link>typo3.org/association.
Additionally, the TYPO3 Association has established an independent service company that provide its members with support services and attend the technological development of the CMS system in the future. More about TYPO3 Inc. can be found at <link https: typo3.com _blank>typo3.com.