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The TYPO3 Association is establishing an independent service company that will provide its members with support services and attend to the technological development of the CMS system in the future. The resolution to found the company was passed unanimously by the General Assembly of the Association in Essen. TYPO3 Inc. will be established within the next few weeks entirely from its own resources with the help of an internal financing round.
The headquarters of the new service company TYPO3 Inc. will most likely be in Dusseldorf, Germany. Mathias Schreiber will manage the company as its CEO. Benjamin Mack will assume the position of CTO and Head of Development. Alain Veuve, Treasurer of the TYPO3 Association, will take on the position of CFO of TYPO3 Inc. on an interim basis. Other positions such as Marketing Manager and Project Manager have yet to be filled. The new company will offer services in the areas of development, bugfix incident handling, sales support and partner management. The construction of its own TYPO3 Marketplace, which will inform members of the community of vacant positions, training courses and new CMS solutions, is also planned. The new company will be independent of investors and venture capital and thus be able to concentrate entirely on the growth of the TYPO3 project. “With our new service company, we are giving TYPO3 a structure that will be clearly visible to the outside world that the market expects today,” says Mathias Schreiber. “Furthermore, it will convert the creative ideas of the TYPO3 community into business potential, whose income will be reinvested in the community. TYPO3 Inc. will thus offer benefits for all sides.” About the TYPO3 Association
The TYPO3 Association has been promoting the development of free software projects that have arisen from the Community regarding the original TYPO3 Content Management Solution for ten years now. It is a not-for-profit organization that provides software developments from third parties that it has funded to the public free of charge. The TYPO3 Association is an association according to Swiss Law that was founded by the members of the TYPO3 Community, including Kasper Skårhøj, in November 2004. It has its headquarters in Baar ZG (Switzerland). The TYPO3 Association is non-partisan and denominationally neutral. More information on its members, objectives and funding opportunities can be found on its website: typo3.org/association.

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