TYPO3 Education & Certification - An Update on our Work

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The TYPO3 Education Committee had its first sprint of the year in Hamburg, working on official training guides, certifications and pre-flights.
The first sprint brought in some focus from the first two years of our education work by finalizing subprojects. 

CertiFUNcation 2016

After a successful, certificational and fun event in 2015 we are going to organize a CertiFUNcation event again this year. The idea of the event is pretty simple: Combine certifications, re-certifications, community, networking and fun in one place.
2015’s CertiFUNcation took place in the Phantasialand theme park near Cologne. We offered talks and workshops as an extension of existing integrator certifications as well as a live certification session. During workshop breaks and during the later afternoon a park visit was possible. Additionally we booked the Black Mamba rollercoaster exclusively for one hour just after official park closing. The day was rounded up with a great bbq and free beer!
In 2016 we will hit a theme park again as the event format proved successful and we got great feedback. Of course we also had some first time troubles, especially with the evaluation and correction of the live certification and issuing of new and extended certificates. We’d like to apologize for inconvenience and will see a better handling in 2016: You’ll get your certification results and your new certificates the same day on location during the event’s dinner.
During our Hamburg sprint we set up the organizational schedule for CertiFUNcation 2016, stay tuned for more information regarding date and location soon.


We are currently completing the whole process and workflow of syllabi, curricula, training and support leading up to certifications.
For existing certifications there is a syllabus. These are the integrator certifications and the soon-to-be-released certifications for editors and developers. The syllabus describes the scope of the certification, thus what you need to know to pass the tests.
The next step of our work is to have an official curriculum including official TYPO3 approved training materials for each available certification. This addresses and should support professional trainers and training institutes. The curricula will come with license costs which include the right to make unlimited copies for your (but only for your) students as training materials and will be released for every LTS (long term support) version of TYPO3.
The first curriculum to be available will be the one for editors and is created by Andrea Herzog-Kienast, Flo Weiss and Wolfgang Wagner. It will be released in the German language.
The English version is in the planning stages. If you want to help in translating these materials, please get in touch with <link>andrea.herzogkienast@typo3.org. We will have an English version and we are interested in having further translations.
The work on a curriculum for developer training has just been started by Andreas Wolf. If you are interested in joining his task force please get in touch with him (<link>andreas.wolf@typo3.org).
The integrator curriculum work will start at the next sprint and Peter Pröll (<link>peter@typo3.org) will be responsible for this one. Help and support is very welcome here too.
If you carry out professional training and you are interested in these materials or want to be part of early access programs, please get in touch with <link>peter@typo3.org.

New Certifications around the corner: 
Certified TYPO3 Editor & Certified TYPO3 Developer

Preparations for both certifications are finished and we are now working on the infrastructural issues, administration and shipment of certificates, display & listings on typo3.org, and printing of certificate templates.
The Certified TYPO3 Editor will be special and different from our integrator and developer certifications. It will be available only at the TYPO3 Campus as a web based online certification.
The second big difference is that this certification will be multilingual to address the editor target group and their needs. We are starting off with a German version as this is currently the biggest market.
If you would like to help us translating it to English or you are interested in translating and supporting it to a different language (we’d love to offer it in French, Italian, and Spanish as well and we are open for any other language), please get in touch with <link>andrea.herzogkienast@typo3.org. Translation work includes the actual translation (bilinguals needed here) as well as changing and adapting the translated screenshots and final editing by a native speaker.
The third difference is that the Certified TYPO3 Editor program will be available for free for TYPO3 Rookies up to an age of 25 who can prove that they are current students in a university or school or are apprentices. You need to apply for a free voucher with written grounds for why you want to have a certification and how it will help you in your future business life. Please contact the task force leader for the T3Rookies program Andrea Herzog-Kienast (<link>andrea.herzogkienast@typo3.org) if your are interested.

Certification Pre-Flights

We are working on certification pre-flights for you to test your certification readiness and give you an impression of what the certification is like. Have a look at the campus (public alpha is online at campus.typo3.org), the German language version of the editor certification is already available for you after you have signed up for an account.
Pre-Flights for integrators and developers are in the making by the certification team and will be released on <link http: campus.typo3.org>campus.typo3.org as soon as they are ready.

Certified TYPO3 Consultant

The next certification on the roadmap is a certification for consultants. We have worked on the syllabus during our sprint and here are the topics of this certification:
  • Overview about the TYPO3 and its terminology
  • Possibilities and limitations of TYPO3
  • TYPO3 versions and roadmap
  • Advice
  • Project management
  • Development workflow
  • Third party services
  • Extensions
  • Website search engines
  • Server and network infrastructure
  • Security
  • Maintenance, SLA management
  • License & legal knowledge

Outlook: Certified TYPO3 Agencies

As soon as we launched the Certified TYPO3 Consultant program we will also offer the certification of agencies and service providers. This will be an indirect certification where you will be required to have a certain set of Certified TYPO3 Editors, Integrators, Developers and Consultants in your workforce / staff.

Live Certifications will be back in 2016

We have started off the TYPO3 certification program with live certifications at TYPO3 events in the past. Some years ago we decided to switch to the certification service provider PEARSON VUE for integrator certifications. Developer certifications will also be offered through the services of PEARSON VUE. Everybody is able to pick a date at a testing center of choice anywhere round the globe to get certified.
We have been approached again and again by people wanting to know if live certifications can be carried out at TYPO3 events. We discussed it and decided to offer this test variation in parallel to the PEARSON VUE certifications. Event organizers who are interested in having live certifications at their events can get in touch with Pascal Dürsteler and the certification task force (<link>certification@typo3.org) for details.
Nicki Uhlbach and Moritz Krauß have been setting up a guide to get started into the TYPO3 universe. It gives a rough overview and links to the corresponding documentation and tutorials.
The guide can be accessed at <link>typo3.org/download/getting-started-guide

Evaluation of possible subsidies by the EU

We invited Wolfgang Schröder, CEO from netzweber GmbH to our sprint to talk and get informed about the possibilities and ways of getting access to subsidies by the EU. This is conceptual work in progress and if you are interested in helping us and/or you have experience in applying for subsidies, please contact <link>andrea.herzogkienast@typo3.org.
We’d like to thank F7 Media GmbH (<link http: www.f7.de>www.f7.de) in Hamburg for hosting this sprint and sponsoring drinks and lunch.
Also thanks to everybody who participated at the sprint and helped achieving these great results: Patrick Lobacher, Pascal Dürsteler, Nicki Uhlbach, Marc Willmann, Moritz Krauss, Andreas Wolf, Andrea Herzog-Kienast, Flo Weiss, Wolfgang Schröder, Boris Hinzer (remote), Daniel Siepmann (remote), Den (remote) and Peter Pröll.