TYPO3 Core Team Meeting - January 2018

Categories: Development Created by Susanne Moog
The TYPO3 Core Team met at trivago in Düsseldorf from January 10th to 11th to set the course for the team's future working modes and topics.

First day: Past and Present

The first day of the meeting was dedicated to a retrospective look at the past year. As first session of the day the team held a retrospective in the spirit of an agile "inspect and adapt" methodology. Using the speedboat technique the team identified anchors, “wind in our sails” and future goals on the horizon. Grouping these, the main topics to discuss were related to planning development for the future and how to efficiently work together. From there and well into the afternoon the team looked at specific events from the past year to analyze what went wrong and define optimization possibilities in their processes and work together.

To get everyone up-to-date some team members presented current concepts and development status of amongst other things the JavaScript to TypeScript migration, composer and TYPO3 and new plans for an API using pipelines and events.

In the evening the team had dinner together and went bowling... ;-)

Second Day: The Future

The second day was dedicated to talking about the future. In the morning Tymoteusz Motylewski, Mathias Schreiber, Jeffrey A. McGuire and Tracy Evans presented current changes in the CMS market and their consequences for future requirements. 

Benjamin Kott then presented examples of the current state of backend user experience and ideas on how to improve in that area.

For more efficient work and focused and coordinated efforts as requested in the retrospective the concept of “focus groups” or “initiatives” was introduced.

An initiative consist of people with a common interest to make long-term improvements in a specific area in TYPO3 including strategic plans, goals, task-breakdown and monitoring of progress. Some initiatives were directly formed during the meeting and will be made public soon - all interested and motivated people are invited to join.


The core team wants to send a big THANK YOU to trivago and especially Andy Grunwald for allowing us to use their office for our meeting and providing us with enough coffee and soft-drinks to keep it going. Special thanks to Friederike Apel for taking our team picture, Markus for bringing his camera, Mathias, Jam & Tracy for their invaluable outside perspective, Olly for organizing and moderating the meeting and to the team as a whole for two special days.