TYPO3 Community February 2013

In the month of February the infamous TYPO3 Snowboard Tour took place in Zell am See, the Neos core team met in Lübeck for a code-sprint and planning the next steps towards the 1.0 release of Neos. The first code sprint of this year was done by the extbase team and the online election for the Expert Advisory Board and the Business Control Committee was approved.

TYPO3 CMS 6.1 - Improve

Release team leader, Benni Mack, confirmed code-sprint dates dedicated to the topics JavaScript, File Abstraction Layer and extension management (not just the extension manager module). These code-sprints are targeted to create substantial improvements for these essential parts of TYPO3 CMS and to take it to a next level. News-item: <link news article typo3-cms-61-improve>typo3.org/news/article/typo3-cms-61-improve/
Code-sprints: <link http: typo3.org events code-sprints>typo3.org/events/code-sprints/
Neos code-sprint in Lübeck

Neos Code-sprint (January 28 - February 1, Lübeck)

For almost a week the Neos team go together in Lübeck to plan the next steps toward the 1.0 release of Neos and code on Neos. All in all 17 people participated in this sprint. Work packages were created during this sprint and a path towards a Minimum Viable Product together with planning various features for the 1.0 and the 1.1 release. The team structure was clarified and team roles were defined as to have a more even workload distribution. News-item: <link http: typo3.org news article neos-codesprint-february-2013>typo3.org/news/article/neos-codesprint-february-2013/

Extbase Code-sprint (February 8 - 10, Duisburg)

This Extbase code sprint served two purposes. The first and foremost is stabilisation of existing features, that means provide, review, improve and merge patches for bug reports we receive through forge. The second purpose of this code sprint was discussing and prototyping future features we would like to see implemented in Extbase. News-item: <link http: typo3.org news article ecs13dus-the-extbase-team-is-bringing-it-on-again>typo3.org/news/article/ecs13dus-the-extbase-team-is-bringing-it-on-again/
TYPO3 Snowboard Tour

Snowboard Tour (February 15-22, Zell am See, Austria)

From February 15 - 22 the Annual Snowboard Tour was held in Zell am See, Austria, in the 2000 meter high Mountain Hotel Schmittenhöhe. Besides snowboarding and skiing, T3DD13 also featured a number of workshops about TYPO3 Flow by Robert Lemke, Grid elements 2.0 by Joey Hasenau and RequireJS by Sebastian Kurfürst. On Wednesday 30 students from an engineering college visited the TYPO3-Community at the Schmittenhöhe. News-item: <link http: typo3.org news article t3board-2013-about-sessions-snow-and-boarding>typo3.org/news/article/t3board-2013-about-sessions-snow-and-boarding/

Coming events

Inspiring Flow (April 19-24, Kolbermoor, Germany)

For the second time a conference dedicated to TYPO3 Flow, TYPO3 PHP framework, will be held in Kolbermoor, Germany. Inspiring Flow will have a fabulous line-up of high profile speakers. Several members of the Flow Core Team will offer talks as well as well known members of communities relevant for Flow such as Composer and Doctrine. Website:<link http: inspiring-flow.com> inspiring-flow.com
Witness spectacular views of Alcatraz and San Francisco's Embarcadero
on the San Francisco Spirit

North American TYPO3 conference (May 30-31, San Francisco, US)

The Fifth North American TYPO3 Conference (T3CON NA) will take place from May 30-31, 2013 in San Francisco, California. Held at the Golden Gate Club in The Presidio of San Francisco, this year's conference will allow TYPO3 experts and those interested in TYPO3 to share all aspects of the current state of development and implementations of this worldwide market-leading Content Management System (CMS). Website: <link http: t3con-na.typo3.org>t3con-na.typo3.org

T3UNI (June 24-27, Annecy, France)

The program of the French T3UNI for this year will return to “TYPO3 initiation and discovery" targeting our beginner audience and customers curious about TYPO3. The event aims to share the passion and it is with pleasure that we offer this university surrounding to share our experience with you all. T3UNI13 will feature technical presentations and satisfy even the most demanding guests. Website: <link http: t3uni.typo3-fr.org>t3uni.typo3-fr.org

Developer Days (July 4-7, Hamburg, Germany)

The eighth edition of the TYPO3 Developer Days will take place from July 4 - 7, 2013 at ELBCAMPUS, Hamburg, Germany. The Developer Days 2013 will feature workshops, tutorials, the coding night and the social event. Of course we will have some surprises in store for you as well. The Call for Workshops and Tutorials (Call for Papers) will also start on April 2 when the site goes live. We will continue the "Getting Things Done" approach we had on previous Developer Days. This year’s slogan will be "Getting together to make it happen!". T3DD13 will be a great way for you to get in touch with the developer community, to meet core devs, to learn and to contribute to the TYPO3 project in the many workshops dedicated to either TYPO3 CMS, Flow and Neos  Website: <link http: t3dd13.typo3.org>t3dd13.typo3.org Check out the events section on the typo3.org homepage to find an event in your area