TYPO3 Association seeks Executive Secretary

Categories: Association Created by Ric van Westhreenen
Each organisation renews itself after a while. The TYPO3 Association was born almost 10 years ago and a lot has changed. Not only the amount of people working with TYPO3, but also the way we foster the TYPO3 Community. Last year the Expert Advisory Board and the Board started out on a journey to look for ways to better our organisation, and to strengthen our vision for the future of the TYPO3 Association.
In our vision of being a better organisation that facilitates the TYPO3 Community, we decided that we need someone who is always available to serve the community and the Association members. Someone that assists us with all tasks which are now easily forgotten or postponed. With the growth of our community, the amount of members of the TYPO3 Association and the expectations members and people have towards the Association, we cannot go on functioning solely based on volunteers. Also we need someone who is able to assists us to grow even further, with strong ties into the opensource world and with experience in voluntary organisations. So, for all of that we are looking for an Executive Secretary. Unlike all positions within the TYPO3 Association, this will be a full-time position, and with that a paid position. Therefore we have sent in a budget application to pay for this position.

What will happen now?

With this news item we start the job application for the Executive Secretary. Anyone - being a member or not, being an active contributor or not - can apply for this job. Closing date will be on the 20th of december of 2013.

What do we expect from the Executive Secretary?

Not all of the tasks and responsibilities of the Executive Secretary are set in stone yet, but we’re looking for an experienced person in the field of voluntary work. He or she will do the following tasks: Execution of tasks delegated by the boards of the TYPO3 Association. This means to coordinate the delegation or doing it himself. These include (but are not limited to): 
  • Coordination of public communications:
    • A regular newsletter (at least 10 per year)
    • Managing social media presence (such as Twitter, blog, Facebook, LinkedIn)
    • News releases on typo3.org in accordance with the press officer and the editorial team
    • Caring about answering and relaying at info@typo3.org, and managing the OTRS (mail ticket system).
    • Creating the (3) quarterly and (1) yearly reports of the T3A.
    • Ensuring association.typo3.org is kept fresh and accurate
    • Spreading of news over members’ websites and social channels.
  • Member recruitment: We expect at least 150 new individual members (or the amount in corporate members) in the first twelve months
  • Growing the community member count and count of contributors by being a first line of contact for potential contributors
  • Fundraising
  • Maintain the PSL (professional services listing)
  • Support the activities of the boards (especially in-person meetings)
  • Working closely with the Community Manager
  • Support of the event team and facilitating community involvement such as
    • taking part at community events
    • help teams in organizing code sprints

What will the ideal candidate be like?

Since we are looking for an experienced individual you need to have as much of the qualifications we set out below as possible.
  • Qualifications:
    • An education comparable to that of TYPO3 Association members is expected eg. master or academic level.
    • Substantial experience of free and open source software communities and a personal empathy with the philosophy of open source
    • Fluent in spoken and written English and preferably another language
    • The candidate must be willing and able to travel internationally for up to 40% of the year. This ratio will be reviewed after the first year of employment.

Job offering

This job is a fulltime position with a salary between 50.000,-- EUR and 80.000,-- EUR depending on goals reached and experience.

How to apply?

So how can you apply? If you think this is a great job for you, please send us the following information:
  • a resume of your professional experience
  • preferably two references
  • a motivation why you are the right person for this job
You can send these as PDF, OpenOffice or MS Word file to applications(at)typo3.org The application phase will be closed at the 20th of December 2013.