TYPO3 Association Joins the Open Policy Alliance

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Open source software development is a global, borderless activity. But public policies are developed locally. The Open Source Initiative (OSI) has launched the Open Policy Alliance to educate and inform US Public Policy decisions. TYPO3 has joined the program to show support for this effort.

In June 2023, OSI launched the Open Policy Alliance (OPA). This was a direct response to the rise of new regulations affecting the software industry and adjacent domains, such as open education, open research, open content, and open source AI. 

Bringing Underrepresented Stakeholders Into the Public Discourse

The OPA focuses on policy in the US, but has a global mindset. The program will exchange and share information with like-minded organizations worldwide to achieve the broadest possible impact.

Cybersecurity, data and privacy, and the societal impact of AI are paramount issues for legislators globally. The OPA will bring open source software foundations and other underrepresented stakeholders into the public discussions to better inform policy making around regulation of software. TYPO3 is pleased to be part of this alliance, joining other organizations such as Python Software Foundation, OpenStreetMap Foundation, and OpenForum Europe.

TYPO3 Is an OSI Affiliate

OSI Affiliate Organizations are non-profits, open-source projects, educational institutions, and user groups that support and promote the OSI mission. The TYPO3 Association has been an OSI Affiliate since 2014. Members of the Affiliate community play an important role in OSI’s governance, with representation on its board of directors.

What is The Open Source Initiative (OSI)?

The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is a non-profit organization with global scope. It maintains the Open Source Definition, and is a leading voice on the policies and principles of open source software development. The OSI supports institutions and individuals working together to create the communities of practice in which healthy open source ecosystems thrive. 

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