TYPO3 Accessibility Initiative Needs Your Feedback

TYPO3 and Accessibility logos
The TYPO3 Accessibility Initiative was reinitiated in June, 2019 by members of the TYPO3 community. Please help them by filling in their short survey.

Fill in the Survey

We provide information on accessibility and give the opportunity to discuss accessibility topics on a regular basis in our Slack channel #cig-accessibility and the monthly TYPO3 Accessibility Hour.

While it is currently possible to use TYPO3 to create accessible websites, the TYPO3 backend is missing support for accessibility in some important places. As a start of the initiative, the TYPO3 pagetree was improved during the TYPO3 Initiative Week 2019, and it now fully supports keyboard navigation following the best practices described in WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices 1.1.

In order to set the right focus when improving the accessibility of TYPO3, it is important for us to get feedback from users of TYPO3, who can provide valuable information which parts of the TYPO3 backend lacks most in regards to accessibility. If you want to provide feedback, we invite you to fill in a survey on TYPO3 accessibility, which approximately takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Proofreading: Mathias Bolt Lesniak