TYPO3 6.0 alpha3 released

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The TYPO3 Core Development Team and the TYPO3 Community just released a new alpha version of TYPO3 6.0

Configuration and Bootstrap

The bootstrap cleanup and refactoring of alpha2 allowed us to realize some broader changes we had in mind for a long time already in the configuration part of TYPO3. The main local configuration file, formerly known as localconf.php, is gone and substituted with a new file called LocalConfiguration.php. This new construct gives us a clean definition of what is allowed in the file and leads to a much more simple application logic to handle any TYPO3 instance specific settings. An upgrade wizard in the install tool has been put in place to ensure a smooth upgrade path. As a bonus, the list of loaded extensions is now organized as a beautifully styled array, which is much easier to handle in a version control system like svn or git. All TYPO3 distributions - namely the blank package, the introduction package and the government package - were adapted to the new handling already.

Extbase and Fluid

Since the last alpha release a code sprint focused on the Extbase and Fluid development has taken place. Several commits to the code base were done and a lot of concepts were discussed during this event. The team achieved a clean unit test state for the projects, so the automated unit testing we added during alpha2 can now be enabled for those extensions, too. Several patches were committed to improve the overall performance of the Extbase framework. To keep synchronization, the Fluid template engine got a fresh backport from the FLOW3 project.


Categorization of arbitrary records has always been a topic for bigger TYPO3 instances. The core now provides a generic system to classify any record of the system under any topic. Extensions can use the core implementation to find grouped records and to further work with a core supported category system.

Further Changes

  • The autoloader was made namespace aware. Extension authors can now use PHP 5.3 namespaces in own extensions. As an addition we dropped the requirement of class prefixes for extensions or other user code.
  • jQuery was added and the core provides a simple API to load jQuery core versions.
  • Several usability changes were done to clean up details in the backend.
  • The compatibility layer for XCLASS registration has been dropped. Since this layer still only provided incomplete support for the old registration, and extension authors need to adapt custom XCLASSes for new releases anyway, we now made the registration of an XCLASS in the ext_autoload.php file mandatory. 
  • The resource field in template records has been removed. This field was rarely known and offered no additional value compare to reference resources as files. So we took the opportunity to reduce the complexity of the code.
  • The usage of the well known typo3conf/temp_Cache files have been removed. These caches are now written using the caching framework. All code caches are now located in typo3temp/Cache/ and it's subfolders.


  • In total 130 commits to the main repository were done and numerous commits to the submodules.
  • Tons of other code cleanups and bugfixes were done to further stabilize the existing codebase.
535608631689de5b4e9115bf7e153f36 blankpackage-6.0.0alpha3.tar.gz c934524c636c1a91a38e4ff9c51db51b blankpackage-6.0.0alpha3.zip e5594fd4fff71148d04985d8900e629b dummy-6.0.0alpha3.tar.gz bec8fda6a03c8fdd0ce12089c7830adc dummy-6.0.0alpha3.zip 255336511c0db95704c823e3ce5bfcce governmentpackage-6.0.0alpha3.tar.gz a66fd4e287a6121ffb44f2d983f1eff1 governmentpackage-6.0.0alpha3.zip a9f13e2e1dbb03c7e6602b09b178835e introductionpackage-6.0.0alpha3.tar.gz ddb2816da8ed44b4919e18435c9dbdc6 introductionpackage-6.0.0alpha3.zip fed747e8e5a2a3fee5bb404ca4df3d08 typo3_src+dummy-6.0.0alpha3.zip 6e3608c85d502982a6c6c19f0ade944b typo3_src-6.0.0alpha3.tar.gz 43149a21a921f67efc210e6bb4902a69 typo3_src-6.0.0alpha3.zip 
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