TYPO3 4.3 RC 1

Categories: Development Created by Oliver Hader
The TYPO3 Core Team is proud to announce the first Release Candidate of TYPO3 version 4.3. After the previous alpha and beta releases this Release Candidate is one of the very last steps before the final version of TYPO3 4.3.

So, what's changed in this release?


Moved Advanced Frontend Editing to TER

The Advanced Frontend Editing extension that was added to the TYPO3 Core in the first beta release has now been removed from the Core and will be published in the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER) as https://extensions.typo3.org/extension/feeditadvanced/ in conjunction with the final release of TYPO3 4.3. The new frontend editing functionality has been developed as an extension all along and the required TYPO3 Core changes have been in place prior to the first beta release. Moving the extension out of the Core and to the TER offers more flexibility as bugfixes can be released independent of patch level releases for the TYPO3 Core.  This also allows new features to be added during the TYPO3 4.3 lifetime. 

More than 50 issues fixed

In addition to the previously mentioned changes, more than 50 issues have been fixed in the last week, several of which were related to PHP 5.3 compatibility. 

Next steps to climb the TYPO3 4.3 hill

Please test this Release Candidate as much as possible, especially the new features from the previous alpha and beta releases! 

If you're upgrading from a previous TYPO3 version, please be sure to execute the database analyzer and update wizard in the TYPO3 Install Tool.

We will release another Release Candidate in one week and continue that process until we feel comfortable that the code base is ready for the final release. This means that you can expect the final version to be ready by the end of November 2009.

MD5 checksums:

ebe98ce05514d39a6649276cdb90f6df  dummy-4.3.0RC1.tar.gz
9b936caaed7e16a43b5559af80804cda  dummy-4.3.0RC1.zip
23ca2d738f38e0ce2c3d3505adb91320  typo3_src-4.3.0RC1.tar.gz
8f7cb2c431f2db13bd33c0bcf017183a  typo3_src-4.3.0RC1.zip
0700d96587b60b7b8600e7a299671713  typo3_src+dummy-4.3.0RC1.zip

Rock on!