TYPO3 4.0 Beta 2

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TYPO3 4.0 marks the fourth major release of TYPO3. It enhances and extends functionality and usability for TYPO3 users and developers. In the second beta release, a lot of bugs from the first beta were fixed.

Please test this release as much as possible and report bugs to forge.typo3.org

Make sure you set the version number (the "TYPO3 version", not the "product version") of the bug record to 4.0beta2 because the bug fixing team will mainly look at these bugs until the release of the final version.

If there is a bug in the bugtracker which is not resolved yet and you think it is important to have it fixed in 4.0, please send an email to <link michael@typo3.org>Michael Stucki</link>, who will increase the TYPO3 version number for that bug.

Important note

Please see the <link news.typo3.org/news/article/typo3-4-0-beta1-ready/>Announcement of TYPO3 4.0 beta1</link>. Only changed projects are described here.

Project overview


The betas of the native workflow system are available from jul.net/native-workflow-system/

Current state:

The current release is a beta, all major features have been implemented with the exception of record movement. The UI needs som clean up, and also it is not currently possible to customize the messages sent by email, nor the interval of notification emails.

Please test that

  • it is possible to create and maintain meningful user and access scenarios
  • the functionality works and does what intended

Bug reports, suggestions and questions are highly appreciated, but please report bugs and feature requests at the TYPO3 bugtracker and ask questions in the newsgroup typo3.projects.workflow. Questions and bug reports sent by email will be ignored.

New Default RTE

Reported bugs from beta1 have been fixed.

Accessiblity - changes to CSS styled content

All accessibility changes are implemented:

  • accessible tables
    • The update wizard for accessible_tables will be published in a final version of this extension - all data can be used in the updated css_styled_content
    • The P-tag has been removed from table cells
  • accessible menu/sitemap
  • accessible mailform configuration
  • New: Integration of css_styled_imgtext into CSS styled content. css_styled_imgtext is a CSS based implementation of the "Text with Image" and "Image" content types (from tt_content).

To take care of the changes which are not fully backwards-compatible, an update wizard for the install tool has been written. Directly after an update, the frontend output will still be the same, and if you plan to use the new features, the update wizard will guide you through the necessary steps.

In a new installation of TYPO3, the new rendering of CSS styled content is activated by default.

Revised Undo/History

This important safety net for editors just got a complete overhaul. The undo/history feature is now available at the first level of the clickmenu and can show you detailed information about each content element when used at the page level. Also noticeable is the amount of details that is now available. It is, for example, possible to see every content element insertion and deletion.

We are very interested to get feedback about its usability and if you ever find any issue, we would like you to fill a bug report on bugs.typo3.org using the "TYPO3 core" category.


You will find the <link sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php of TYPO3 4.0 beta2 on SourceForge.</link>