Turbo Boost Your TYPO3 Site to a Digital Experience Platform — Talent Management Edition

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TYPO3 can be more than a content management system. The SkillDisplay extension can turn it into a skill management platform, both for agencies and website owners.

Modern times demand modern websites. We are all pushing our web platforms to do more, and be more. What was formerly just your content management system is now increasingly the central hub for web-based platforms in your company.

Your TYPO3 Digital Experience Platform aggregates, funnels and presents information from various sources. If you can manage content this way, why not do the same for managing talent?

You can easily enhance your current TYPO3 instance with a full talent management suite, just by installing the SkillDisplay open source extension.


Mandatory Training

Compliance is important. Companies make sure that each and every employee is trained in accordance with the rules and have to record the training dates.

The SkillDisplay extension lets you:

  • Define the learning goals for these trainings and transparently present them to users in your frontend or as PDF handout.
  • Easily keep track of which employee attended which training in a platform-agnostic way; regardless of whether they had in-person training or used a learning platform.
  • Use the SkillDisplay statistics module or your own favorite tool (like Excel) to generate reports on the training status of your workforce.


How about onboarding the most important people - your TYPO3 editors. The SkillDisplay extensions lets you:

  • Choose from predefined skills and learning goals, perfectly in line with official TYPO3 editor certification.
  • Add custom skills and learning goals for the extensions you developed for your customer.
  • Create role profiles (News Publisher, Chief Editor) and assign required skills with a couple of clicks, resulting in the automatic creation of individual learning paths for your employees to achieve these positions.

Enhancing Training and Seminar Websites

All websites can show customers what other customers liked — but can they show them the next most efficient training based on their individual skill profile? You can.

  • Tag existing training resources with skills, no matter what they are. (blog articles, in-person training, modules on learning platforms, etc.)
  • Let users track their progress (for example, participation in a seminar) autonomously or have it confirmed by a trainer or learning system.
  • Suggest the next suitable training for users automatically on your website, or use the information in other forms of communication (direct mailings, etc.)

Enhancing TYPO3 With SkillDisplay

SkillDisplay is a TYPO3 open source extension and you can install it right now from the TER or Packagist

It provides all the tools for creating and maintaining a rock-solid skill structure, which is then available via API for custom frontend implementations by your agency.

The extension vendor, SkillDisplay GmbH, offers free webinars and a Discord instance in addition to their premium services.

The TYPO3 Education Committee uses SkillDisplay to manage the required skills and learning topics for each TYPO3 certification, you can easily track your progress during the exam preparation, even without installing an extension: Just visit my.skilldisplay.eu and log in with your my.typo3.org user.

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