This Week in TYPO3 (2015, Week 4)

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The User Experience Week needs YOU and your support, TYPO3 sprints, first TYPO3camps announced, Georg discusses security with Drupal and Wordpress friends.
Week ending January 25

TYPO3 sprints

User Experience Week 2015

Last year's User Experience Week <link news article typo3-user-experience-week-2014-full-report-on-t3uxw14>T3UXW14 was held at the end of September with some 30 participants. This years User Experience Week takes place a earlier in the year, from March 21 -28, to be able to take the result to the Developer Days and integrate all that into the much anticipated TYPO3 CMS 7. Like last year the <link http:>TYPO3 User Experience Week 2015 will take place in the beautifully situated forest and sporthotel Festenburg, surrounded by forests. The hotel resides in the Nature Park Harz, which is famous for its landscape and world heritage Upper Harz Water Regale. Paul Blondiaux is already confirmed as attendants, which means there will be very early morning walks scouting the dark forests of the Harz for wildlife before getting into coding. A number of topics this sprint deals with have already been started at T3UXW14 and will be finished in this sprint. This sprint will have some more focus on the frontend. Some of the very promising topics are 'flexible content elements' and the distributions. For TYPO3 CMS there already is a very strong basis regarding distributions, looking at the ease with which you can now install any distribution like the <link extensions repository>Introduction Package with TYPO3 CMS. Major topics to be dealt with at this sprint will be:
  • CMS Frontend
  • CMS Content Elements
  • CMS Backend Lingo
  • Guided Backend Tour
  • Improved Government Package + basic themes as a distribution base for CMS 7 (to get i.e. distributions for craftspeople, lawyers or the medical profession.)
Of course there is room for other innovative and otherwise creative ideas.

Designers make the sprint happen

Some people that have enlisted for the sprint have already received their invitation for participation. among the applications are a lot of project managers. The sprint definitely needs more designers.

Sponsoring makes the sprint happen

The sprint got allocated 50% of the originally requested budget, which means that if the full sprint with 30 people is going to take place there needs to be an extra 15.000 euro's funding. The full amount is necessary to accommodate all 30 participants and offer some team building happening for them as well to create some leisure time in a 'whole' week of sprinting for TYPO3. "OUR T3A BUDGET THIS YEAR COVERS ONLY 50% OF THE COSTS - SO WE DEPEND ON YOUR HELP!" To make T3UXW15 possible, the organisation needs an average amount of 1.000 euro's per person. This amount is for enabling costs only, travelling, food and lodging. The budget allocated by the TYPO3 Association half of the overall costs for the event. Additionally the organisation spends 50% of the crowdfunding collected at startnext for THEMES. There are several ways you can donate. Sponsors will be listed with their logos on the website of the User Experience Week.

Buy a t-shirt!

The organisation created three unique TYPO3 User Experience design for t-shirts that will be sold on spreadshirt. This way you can sponsor the sprint and get a t-shirt too. Check out the <link http: donate>DONATE section on the website to find out how you can support this important sprint. <link http: donate>

Government Package

Oliver Hader lets us know that from February 9 -13, 2015 there will be a TYPO3 CMS code sprint in the scope of a student's' semester project at the <link http:>University of Hof, Germany. The university has a course on content-management in the master degree course "Internet Web Science" of which five students are going to take the challenge to do practical core work with TYPO3 CMS for one week, mentored and supervised by TYPO3 CMS member Oliver Hader and lecturer Prof. Dr. Jürgen Heym. The aim of this hands-on session is to create an updated version of the TYPO3 CMS Government package that is compatible with TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS and can be released as an official distribution again. The expectation of the group is to dig into the TYPO3 CMS core the first time and turn that experience into some fruitful result at the end of the week.


Until now we have two TYPO3camps confirmed. It is the TYPO3camp Stuttgart and the TYPO3camp Munich.
  • <link http: home.html>TYPO3camp Stuttgart will take place from May 8 - 10. Ticketsale for #t3cs15 starts on March 2, 2015.
  • <link http:>TYPO3camp Munich will take place from September 9 - 11. With around 200 attendees this is one of large TYPO3camps.


Georg Ringer speaks security

Long time TYPO3 contributor Georg Ringer, also of news extension fame, <link https: meetup-zum-thema-security>talked about security on a Meetup of Drupal and WordPress in Austria, Vienna. Georg presented the TYPO3 Security Team, of which he is a member. The security team communicates with extension authors when code contain security holes and ensures that the TYPO3 core remains safe and secure. Interesting discussions were were started bt the participants. Although the present systems (Drupal, Wordpress and TYPO3) are very different in their architecture, they nevertheless share many problem areas. Georg mentions it does not make sense to act as competitors, but to use events like these to work together and use the knowledge to mutually benefit each other.


Internet company Bergisch Media has taken the initiative for a <link https: en>TYPO3 jobs website. The website looks really great and could be covering a niche in TYPO3 job demands. This Week in TYPO3 is brought to you by <link https:>Maxserv. Check out the events calendar for a user group meeting, code sprint or other event near you: Do not hesitate to share you TYPO3 activities in 'This Week in TYPO3'. Just let me (@benvantende) know what you are up to.