The inside story - Week 20 - 26

Categories: Association Created by Dominic Brander
As most of the regular readers of this short column have realized the Association has been pretty silent the last few weeks. Thats not mainly due to holiday time but due the fact many things have happend behind the scenes.
  • Apparently the event committe has been the most active in the last weeks.
    The TYCON3 early bird registration has started. While people are assiduously registering the TYCON3 organizers are busy with organizing the upcoming event.
    In the meantime the snowboard-tour event committee has agreed to meet in Hamburg for discussion, BBQ and beer - ok, not much convincing was needed to persuade the members of this committee to have a meeting like this ;-)
  • But not only the event committee has been very busy - also the R&D people have continued their work: The brand-new and innovative newssystem on is one witness of this stepless (or should one say sleepless?) work.
  • Last but not least the Association is very proud to have Mathias Schreiber as a new active member on board. Mathias will add a new view of community related topics to the T3A.
    Read more about the new active member in the related news.