The FLUIDTEMPLATE object was introduced in TYPO3 4.5. This new cObject offers Fluid flexibility in your frontend templates. This article is meant as a hands-on introduction. Besides the basic usage it also reveals some new stuff which will be available in the next Fluid release. Use this article at will, and see how Fluid will fit you. I'm sure you will love this new feature!
First of all you need some basic understanding of how Fluid works. This is beyond the scope of this article, so please follow the supplied links if you've the need for more information. For this article some basic knowledge about Fluid template parts is needed, so here a short description: 


Most web applications / websites have certain parts which are shown on all templates. Like a header bar with a logo or a footer for example. These elements can be defined in a layout. 


The main template like you know it, will contain the main part of your page. 


A snippet which you can re-use. This is extremely useful if you've recurring elements in multiple templates. You can also pass arguments to a partial for dynamic parts. 

More information about layout / template / partial parts:

Note: This example shows the use of the format.raw viewhelper which is in git, but not yet released in the 1.3.0 release! Use the fallback mentioned in the notes for use with the 1.3.0 release.

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