T3CON12 Paper Voting Results

Categories: Community Created by Robert Lemke
At the beginning of this week, the T3CON12DE team went through all submitted papers, sorted out duplicates and discussed their relevance for the visitors of the conference. This year, a plenty of great talks have been submitted and the organizers spontaneously decided to do a community voting. That turned out to be a very helpful measure for accepting the most relevant talks and only in a few cases we gave priority to talks with less votes because we think that they are important to have at the conference (like a talk about typo3.org for example). We'd love to give speakers more feedback on why their talk was accepted or why not and we did send emails to a bunch of individual speakers already. But considering the amount of submissions, it's not possible to get in touch with each speaker individually. We can't publish the complete list of voting result because we don't have the consent by all the speakers. However, in a future version of the conference app, we'd love to have a feature which displays the voting points and rank for the papers an individual speaker has submitted and would only be visible to the paper author. Unfortunately we don't have the resources to implement that feature at the moment. However, if you'd like to help out and have experience with FLOW3 development, check out the T3CON12DE website (<link http: git.typo3.org sites t3con12stuttgarttypo3org.git>git.typo3.org/Sites/T3Con12StuttgartTypo3Org.git) and help implement that feature for us. Of course the sessions will be listed asap on the <link http: t3con12de.typo3.org sessions.html>Stuttgart Conference website.