Supervisory Board Report June 2019

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Printed paper showing the TYPO3 logo and the TYPO3 Gmbh address blurred.
The TYPO3 Company (TYPO3 GmbH) Supervisory Board gives us a summary of activities over the last six months. The team surrounding TYPO3 GmbH’s CEO Mathias Schreiber is established and stable. The company's main focus has been setting up processes, netting great employees and partners and, of course, creating new product offerings.

Activity Report from TYPO3 GmbH

We are pleased to report on many activities of late:

Community & Events

The company supported the organization of community events through the provision of either certification, ticketing or attendee management services for TYPO3 Camps, community or core initiatives.

TYPO3 Certifications

Ticketing Services

Attendee Management

And we’ll continue to support official events still to come:

Upcoming Events

Pending TYPO3 Certifications

Documentation Team

Good documentation is key to successful product adoption and use. The TYPO3 company supported the Documentation Team by providing a modern infrastructure for core and extension documentation.

CMS Africa Summit 2019

Mathias Schreiber was part of the delegation representing the TYPO3 project at the CMS Africa Summit.

Internal Processes

We are looking for new office space. This is needed to support company growth and to better serve our community. For example, our new office will have the space to host code sprints and certifications.


Our next product will be the official Google Ads Extension. This product has high future potential. Not only for the financial benefit of TYPO3 GmbH, but also for our agency members, who will have a new USP to offer their customers.

In our meeting we discussed more ideas for additional services that the company could offer.


TYPO3 LTS 9 and security releases have been the main subject for core development. Benny Mack and TYPO3 GmbH have worked together to reorganize the Core Team. The next focus will be the development of TYPO3 v10.

Financial Situation

The income was better than planned, and the ELTS program has been a success. But as upgrades are getting less complex for the TYPO3 core, we anticipate that income may shrink over the next few years.

Thanks to the current positive financial situation, we could reduce the credit line granted by the TYPO3 Association.

Introducing a Structured Controlling Process

Now that the “start up” is established, we are aiming for a more structured way of controlling and monitoring success. During our meeting we developed several KPIs that we will review on a monthly basis.


In the coming months TYPO3 GmbH will focus on organizing some official events, including TYPO3 Developer Days 2019, T3CON19 and the TYPO3 Award 2019. While also working on getting the new Google Ads extension released! Watch this space.

Proofreading: Amy Hunt