Summary of the third Extbase Team Code Sprint

Categories: Development Created by Anja (on behalf of the Extbase Team)
From August 15 to August 18 a team of TYPO3 coders followed the call of the Extbase Team to get grips on the workspaces functionality, currently not supported by Extbase. It was a small group meeting in Stuttgart/Vaihingen.
At the start of the sprint we agreed to enable a workspace preview and not to support creating and editing versionised records by Extbase API. The workspace preview covers the read part of workspaces functionality. Long story short - it is not done, yet. What the team did achieve is bringing a framework online that is able to run functional tests on our Travis Server. The framework now not only runs the whole Unittest Suite on every merge to the Core, but additionaly also all the functional tests. To have these functional tests in place was an important step, not only for Extbase or workspaces, but for all kind of complex workflows, that are constantly subject to change, in TYPO3 CMS. We are now able to create such test scenarios and make sure nothing breaks while working on sensitive parts regarding fixing bugs or implementing new features. The first are already online, just take a look at Travis. We agreed on a strategy for the implementation of the mentioned workspaces support, and the first patches in this area are merged. We will continue merging patches until feature freeze. Some minor cleanups can always be done later. Additional functional tests are implemented. During the sprint we reviewed some older patches that matched the profile of the sprint. So the list of issues is a little bit shorter now. What is next? We can use the functional test framework for all kind of complex testing scenarios. Tests regarding workspaces and translations are planned. We will finish the implementation for the overlay support, enabling workspace preview. The team will meet again in short term and continue on the overlay support and other pressing topics, to release the rock stable LTS version we all want and need. Stay tuned, report bugs, review patches and keep rocking!

Kind regards Anja