September 24, 2010 Bug Day Report

Categories: Community
After an extended summer lull, the Bug Days were back into the full swing.
The September edition saw quite some action. Two companies/entities offered a meeting space, drinks and food:
  • <link http:>, in Hannover, Germany
  • <link http:>Danish Church Media Center, in Århus/, Denmark
Many thanks to them for their support of the community! And here's the list of participants, in no particular order (some real names unknown):
  • Søren Malling
  • Karsten Madsen
  • Claus Due
  • Lars Dyhr
  • Helmut Hummel
  • Marcus Krause
  • Steffen Gebert
  • Steffen Müller
  • Oliver Klee
  • Steffen Kamper
  • Philipp Gampe
  • Susanne Moog
  • Ernesto Baschny
  • Benni Mack
  • Jiggy (Jigal van Hemert?)
  • Fabien Udriot
  • LarsPe
  • Thomas at naw
Furthermore a team at <link http:>Infoglobe in Québec took this opportunity to do a review of the future link checker code:
  • Michael Miousse
  • Yannick Pavard
  • Pierre Boivin
9 issues were committed during that event, and another 18 were discussed
or at least mentioned. We have had around 90 new mails in the core list,
most of which came from participants of the event. All in all the day saw an increase of 16 bugs, consistent with a recent trend. This is not a surprise as development of TYPO3 4.5 is in full swing and many bug reports are opened in relation to new features. The bug count should start decreasing again as we near final. Thanks to Ernesto Baschny for providing a summary of that day's action and for starting to clear the organization of the Bug Day wiki page. The next Bug Day will take place on October 29, 2010. Let's keep them rolling!

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