September (2015) diary of the TYPO3 Association

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Read how the TYPO3 Association has welcomed the autumn.
 Clearer fields of responsibility With the purpose of continuous improvement of the processes of the TYPO3 Association, a matrix that explains the fields of responsibility for each key task and team has been created and published <link http: association contact fields-of-responsibility _blank>here. The T3A aimed at providing the community with a clear reference point for questions and requests. Get familiar with the matrix and let us know if you have any questions. Direct contact with the Board of the TYPO3 Association If you would like to get in touch with the Board of the TYPO3 Association, you can use the TYPO3 Slack channel #t3a-board by registering at (if you are already registered use <link slack:>slack:// Neos and TYPO3 Association sign agreement The TYPO3 Association and the Neos Team have signed a Letter of Intent, which aims at finalizing the separation of the two communities. You can read the agreement <link http: news article the-neos-team-and-the-typo3-association-sign-agreement _blank>here. TYPO 3 Inc - Scenario 3 Alain Veuve is guiding the process for the so called "TYPO3 Inc.". He started by building a team formed by Robert Lindh, Daniel Homorodean, Daniel Bachmann, Volker Graubaum, Boris Hinzer, Adrian Zimmermann, Mathias Schreiber, Jochen Weiland, Fabian Stein and Olivier Dobbberkau. The team has met already for a <link http: news article driving-the-typo3-restructuring-project _blank>kick-off meeting in Dusseldorf. The next steps of this process will see the development of a feasible plan. You can read more about the restructuring team's work <link http: news article driving-the-typo3-restructuring-project _blank>here. Budget Process 2016 The budget applications for 2016 have been collected by the EAB and have been published for <link https: projects t3a-eab-budget2016 boards _blank>discussion. Have a look into them and feel free to ask questions to the budget owners or to the EAB. Three or four key budgets will be chosen to be presented to the public at the T3CON in Amsterdam. Upcoming events:
  • <link http: _blank>TYPO3 Conference Europe (21-22.10.2015)
  • <link https: _blank>TYPO3 Award (21.10.2015)
  • <link http: events community-events typo3-agency-meetup-day-vienna _blank>TYPO3 Agency Meetup Day Vienna (5.11.2015)
  • <link http: _blank>TYPO3 Marketing Spring (1-3.12.2015)
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