Security Team - Change of Leadership

The TYPO3 Security Team has new leaders. Georg Ringer will take over the team lead, while Franz G. Jahn and Helmut Hummel became Co-Leader
In the TYPO3 Security Team we agreed to annually decide on the leadership of the team. In the last years I had the pleasure being the leader of the Security Team and in that role I gave my best to move TYPO3 forward security wise.  I personally learned a lot during these years and I want to thank everybody for their support: Andreas Förthner, all my team mates, the Core Development Team and of course all reporters of security issues. Everybody contributed to make TYPO3 more secure.
After I took over the responsibility being the release manager of TYPO3 6.0, I realized that I could not do both jobs well enough to satisfy my own requirements. That is why I decided to step back from the team lead and let the team decide on a new team leader. We discussed that internally and then did a formal voting. I am pleased to announce that Georg Ringer will take over the leadership of the team, while Franz G. Jahn will be Co-Leader mainly responsible for coordinating extension issue handling. I myself will also take over a Co-Leader position. Since I'm responsible for the TYPO3 Core anyway, I will coordinate upcoming security issues in the Core and will stay responsible for the security team budget at least for this year. Andreas Förther will step back from his leadership position, but will stay in the team being responsible for coordinating Flow and Neos security handling.