Results of the TYPO3 Association Elections 2019

Categories: Association Created by Stefan Busemann
The TYPO3 Association (T3A) communicates the results of the 2019 elections for the Board and Business Control Committee (BCC).

The TYPO3 Association elections, that took place between March 21 and April 4 2019, have given the following results:

Board members:

Result of the Board Election 2019
Name Votes
Busemann, Stefan 184
Dobberkau, Olivier 182
Hasenau, Petra 157
Kraume, Peter 125
Veuve, Alain 125
Hinzer, Boris 114
Westhreenen, Ric van 110
Lesniak, Mathias Bolt 108

Elected Business Control Committee members:

Name Votes
Schmitt, Ingo 205
Torresani, Roberto 168

We like to thank all nominees for their willingness to contribute to the project!