Results of the member poll regarding the Neos split

Categories: Association Created by Michael Stucki on behalf of the EAB
Two weeks ago the member poll regarding the T3A Neos budgets and related remaining funds has ended. These are the results.
1. License change of Flow from LGPL to MIT license:
-1 (59)   0 (50)  1 (167)  Sum: 108 2. Budget Documentation & Documentation Tools for Neos/Flow:
-1 (124)  0 (16)  1 (136)  Sum: 12 3. Budget Neos Code Sprints and Quality Assurance:
-1 (136)  0 (14)  1 (126)  Sum: -10 Source: The Board of the TYPO3 Association (which is ultimately in charge of permitting the license change) values the direction received from the members. Yet, the members of the board have seeked external consultation on the matter of the license change. They would like to advise the Neos team to be aware of possible risks arising from missing patent grants in the desired license and have made a proposal on how to handle this. The members of the board will vote on this subject once all license questions have been cleared. The TYPO3 Expert Advisory Board (which sets the budget) will also follow the poll results. This means that the remaining Neos Code Sprints and Quality Assurance budget will be withdrawn. The EAB will no further reimburse costs for Neos code sprints and quality assurance. The Neos Documentation budget will be granted further on. The remaining funds will be used for other TYPO3 related projects during the remaining months of 2015. Also a small call for budgets will follow, please expect further information regarding this soon. The EAB would like to thank the Neos team for accepting the withdrawal of their budget. On behalf of the EAB, I want to encourage users of Neos or Flow to support the project in the future. Also we want to thank all members of the TYPO3 Association for participating the votings and expressing their opinions. Michael Stucki, Chairman of the Expert Advisory Board