Result of the budget poll 2018

Categories: Association Created by Peter Kraume
The members of the TYPO3 Association stated their opinion on the budget ideas. 158 members took part in the poll - 2 poll results were invalid.

The maximum average approval a budget idea could reach is six. The average of the approval rate is 3.5. So if a budget idea earns more then 3.5 on average approval, our member are supporting the idea in majority. The budget committee will use this prioritisation, to prepare the budget decision.

Project average approval
Documentation Maintenance and Improvement 4,84
achieve more together - regular open sprints 4,35
Content Strategy/Builder Tool in TYPO3 3,97
Fluid 3.0 development and workshop in Denmark 3,81
Community Expansion Initiative Workgroup 3,79
Crazy Experimentation Fund 3,59
Education Committee Spending 2019 3,52
Making TER a proxy for git tags (or Packagist) 3,50
Certification Quality Improvement 3,46
An easy to use Extension Builder 3,34
TYPO3 Certification Exams 3,26
CertiFUNcation 2019 3,25
TYPO3 Trainer Network 3,21
T3Marketplace 3,17
Frontend Rendering via Vue.js 2,94
Include TYPO3 autoinstallable package on hosting providers and XAMPP 2,85
MEET TYPO3 Vienna 2019 2,55
TYPO3 TCCE Gamification - Mainzific Rim 9 LTS update 2,52 (International TYPO3 Boot Camp at Hof University)


The Expert Adivsory Board plans to decide on the budget before christmas.

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